What to write in the blog and how to choose a post title?

When choosing what to write in your blog (topic, post title, body, etc.), it’s important to understand 2 basic concepts:

First, content is the single most important success factor of any website or blog so this is where you should spend most of your time and second you should realize that you are not alone. and not only do you have to create great content you also have to compete with other sites that have good content. I will explain below why this is important and what you can do to minimize your competition.

What should I write?

In section self-study seo I have already explained good quality content but for the purposes of this article I will go a step further and explain how to differentiate your content from the competition which is the answer to the question : What do I write about to make it stand out?

Before you start writing your next blog post, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What will my post topic be?
  2. Will my post answer a question or solve a problem?
  3. What are others writing about that particular topic?
  4. How do I differentiate my content from existing posts and improve it?

Once you have the above questions answered, your next step is to decide on the actual blog post title, write the post, publish and promote it.

Writing Blogs
Choose a topic and title for the post

How to choose your blog post title?

Blog post titles are important for 3 main reasons:

  1. A good title will attract more readers and social media attention
  2. A good title is essential for SEO purposes
  3. The blog title will help both readers and search engines understand what the post is about. Google recently released a cheat sheet page emphasizes the importance of page titles for SEO purposes so it is not something you should ignore.
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So you should know about your topic and post type and the next step is to choose the actual blog post title. This is where Google Keyword Tool help you a lot.

How to use Google’s keyword tool to select your blog post title?

The Google Keyword Tool has many other useful features that give you 2 important pieces of information when choosing a blog title: The exact number of searches for each keyword and the level of competition for that keyword. I will use these 2 in the example below to help you understand how to choose a blog title that has less competition and thus increases your chances of ranking higher for that search term.

For example, the topic you want to write about is about weight loss and your post wants to answer a question or solve a problem. In this case, if it were me, I would explain to my readers how to lose weight

Let’s see what others are writing about this particular topic. And then you try to search for more specific terms like “how to lose weight” “how to lose weight” “lose weight fast”…it will bring you some trustworthy website results mainly because So your chances of ranking for these keywords are very low.

How can you differentiate your content and make it better? You should take a step-by-step approach to weight loss and explain how to calculate how much weight a loser should lose and how to create a plan for when readers want to lose weight. The more detailed and specific the better.

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Note: In the example above I added the note “your chances of ranking for these keywords are very low”. This is important and this means that even if you write a good article titled “how to lose weight” (or any of the titles above), you will be very unlikely to rank. in the first place for trusting sites in the first page, and you need to give Google lots of specific and strong reasons to give you a good ranking.

Back to the keyword analysis tool

Keyword ideas
Generate keyword ideas with Google tools

The first thing I do is set the location to match the exact target language and customer.

Next, I started searching for keywords. Continuing with the example above, I started my search with the phrase “weight loss”.

From the results what I’m interested in at the moment are the Competition column and the Average Monthly Search column. Specifically, I’m looking for low competition long-tail keyword ideas with several monthly searches. Of course, the more monthly searches the better for that keyword, but don’t forget that what’s shown there is just an indication and I’ve found many keywords to bring in more traffic than estimated. presented here. Also, the lower the search numbers, the greater the chance for the estimates to be incorrect.

I repeat again estimates of average monthly searches is not an exact number because there are many times when the user’s search demand changes at a certain time. And that causes those numbers to vary greatly.

To summarize this article, it is important to remember that:

  1. Not only do you have to create great content, but you also have to choose your blog title carefully after doing a keyword analysis using the keyword tool and do a competitive analysis by searching for those terms on the internet. Google.
  2. By choosing blog titles with low competition, you increase your chances of ranking higher
  3. Choose your blog topic first, find the title and then write the content
  4. Once published, make sure you promote your blog post in the best possible way
  5. Include keywords in your blog post title but don’t overdo it (Cram it over and over).
  6. Don’t follow the above process for all your blog posts. Pre-select which blog posts to optimize using the above method but also make sure that you also have unoptimized posts in your website/blog.
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