What is social community? How to build a cohesive social community

A community can be a virtual or physical space (or both) where people with common interests, goals or/and experiences come together to share, connect, exchange and work towards goals. shared.

By all means, you bring people together and whenever those people have a chance to socialize and connect, a community space is born.

What is social community?

Communities are social units that create a sense of belonging with others by sharing common interests, goals, and attitudes. Social media marketers have a responsibility to foster thriving communities. Just having a large number of followers on social media is not enough. You also have to have a close-knit community.

The value of social networking communities

Why is community important?

  • Create space to share
  • Learn from other members
  • Communities are important because they promote interaction.
  • Any positive interactions will bring users closer with your brand.
  • They increase brand visibility your on the platform.
  • Theyattract more potential customers to your profile.
  • ItCreate a friendly environment and friendly.
  • Surname end push relationshipand allegiance to trademark, as community members will see your brand as the organization responsible for their experience and positive growth.
  • Community to be Incubation place for inspiration because they encourage members to share their own stories, which can create connections and inspire others to take action.
  • ItCultivate trust. If you can get your followers to act like a community, that will be a sign that your brand is trustworthy.
  • Itget more followers and as a result earn higher user retention.

How do you build a social community?

Invite your friends

Invite the people in your life, who might be often interested in your business, to like or follow your account. They can support you by interacting with your posts and sharing your content. This initial audience helps establish your credibility, build your reputation, and instantly spread the word about your business.

Welcome your customers

Invite existing business friends to like or follow your account. Facebook allows you to upload their email addresses or import your contacts from popular email services like iCloud, Outlook, and Yahoo. Be sure to take advantage of this as an easy, quick way to get your existing customers to join your platform.

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Use social interactive CTAs

Consider adding a social CTA to your company website. For example, using the Facebook Like button allows visitors to like your page without leaving your website.

You can also add a Facebook Like button to your Thank You pages that appear after someone signs up for your mailing list, submits a lead form, or makes a purchase. Since those visitors have connected to your business in one way, they will likely connect with you on Facebook or other platforms.

Use social employer sites

A general rule on social channels is to keep work and personal activities separate, but you can add social employer pages to your profile to help build your community.

Ideally, you should add your company as your current employer in the work section of your profile on Facebook and on LinkedIn. When you do, you’ll link directly to the company’s page, so others can click through as they please.

To do this, visit your Personal About page and edit your work and education information. Click Add Workplace, select your Facebook page as your company. After you enter your location details, check the “I’m currently working here” box and select the appropriate date. Make sure visibility is set to public and click Save Changes.

Use hashtags

Another great way to build your community organically is to use hashtags in posts. Hashtags are a great way to show your content to a new audience. If your content is engaging and engaging, people searching on the hashtags on your posts may be inspired to follow you for more.


You should always cross-promote your social networks on other platforms. If you share links to your Facebook page on your Twitter account and your Twitter account on your LinkedIn account, it will maximize your reach across all platforms.

Make sure to join interest groups that are relevant to your business and then share a link to your business page or page content within the group.

Finally, include a link to your profile pages in your email signature when you email customers, colleagues, vendors, and other contacts. This will help get your pages visible and hopefully increase your followers.

Use events

Another way to build your community is to encourage followers at your store or at events. Consider discounts for both new fans and followers.

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Create goodwill

Building goodwill among other users is important on these social media platforms, so follow other relevant accounts and it may inspire them to follow you. A consistent posting schedule will demonstrate that you are trustworthy and foster trust in your community, which in turn creates loyalty.

Retention is a very important aspect of community development. If you don’t have a strategy to keep the followers you gain, all your work will be for nothing.

Be sure to use emojis and terms where relevant; this shows that you speak the language of the community and that you understand them and want to communicate in a way that is easy to understand and comfortable. This will also foster a relationship with your brand.

Reply to your community

It is imperative to reply to your community. If your followers feel like they’re just being told and not engaging in a conversation, they’ll assume your business is self-serving and doesn’t really care about your customers’ needs. Responding to your followers also humanizes your brand and increases engagement.

Use GIFs, emojis, quote images and memes

One way of building community that is often overlooked is to use GIFs, emojis, quote images, and memes, all of which include the language of the social media space. When used in the right way, your content becomes more engaging, relatable, and shareable, and your brand more likable.

Finally, when you offer special promotions to your followers, they feel special. You are showing that you care about this community and that you want to reward them for their loyalty and engagement. This is a prime example of positive reinforcement and will almost always ensure continued loyalty and increased brand affinity.

Invest in paid methods

While you can build community organically, the best way to build community is to spend some cash. Take note of the following paid methods for building communities on each platform.

You can use Facebook Custom Audiences to target paid ads, website videos, etc. You can also use Facebook Ads Manager to advertise updates from the page and link to your website.

Instagram and Twitter Links

Cross-platform operations made easier between Facebook and Instagram. The best way is to link your Instagram account with Facebook Business Manager to create Instagram ads with your handle overlaid with images and clear CTA to follow. Set up a Twitter ad follower campaign to generate growth. Launch a follower ad on LinkedIn.

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Work with influencers

Finally, you can pay influencers to help raise awareness of your account to help build your community, by allowing them to take over your page for a limited amount of time. Define or create content with a CTA to track your brand account.

Best pratice

Now that you’ve built this amazing, growing, and engaged community, here are some best practices for managing it.

  • Consistent voice development: First, make sure to develop a consistent, authentic brand voice and tone. The community values ​​honesty and trustworthiness.
  • Please give feedback: As mentioned before, responsiveness is key. Your followers should know that you care about their comments and are not just there to promote your brand.
  • Interact with followers: Also, the more you interact with your followers, the more appreciated and compelled they will feel to stay engaged. Interactions create more interactions.
  • Share strategically: In fact, 80% of the content you share in the community should be useful and serve the benefit of your audience; Only 20% should be spent promoting your business. 80% should still support ideas and insights your brand believes in. Again, all content must be authentic. However, 20% can boost your business, but also provide value to your audience by including discounts or special offers.
  • Use CTAs: It can also just include a persuasive CTA that inspires your audience to learn more about your company, so it can lead to future conversions.
  • There are recurring themes: Consider having recurring topics or a series of posts that fans and followers can look forward to participating in. This also encourages more recurring interaction.
  • Use personal identification number: Think about using a personal identifier, such as initials or name, for your responses. This makes the interaction more human and increases the relationship, especially with social customer service.
  • Response tracking: Finally, pay attention to which posts and content resonate with your audience, on your own channels, and on your competitors’ channels. Then optimize your post content strategy accordingly. Again, posts should always provide value to your followers and not just serve the business.

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