What is Link Juice? How it works and how to get link juice

Link juice is a technical term in SEO used to talk about the referential value of a very powerful link to a Web page or a page on a particular web.

According to the tool Google search, having loads of strong, quality links is a very important factor in determining whether you are ranked at the top of the search results.

The term Link Juice is a very important term in the SEO field, it often refers to the relationship between link building efforts like writing strong Website posts, reaching out to reputable Bloggers to let them know you and link to you through their posts.

Natural Hyperlinked Link Juice

How does Link Juice work?

Link juice, link authority and backlink authority you often come across these terms, they are different in calling but have the same meaning. Google analyzes the links pointing to a particular website to determine the ranking position that the site should place in their search results for a particular queried keyword.

If Page A links to Page B then there is a certain amount of power from site A going to site B and that often helps site B rank higher on Google. The more pages (and the higher quality pages) that link to site B, the more site B gets the best benefit from the link juice the pages pour in, and it will tend to rank higher on Google.

How does my site get more Link Juice?

The best way to attract more backlinks to a website is:

  1. Create unique, useful and trustworthy content
  2. Improve brand influence
  3. Continuously advertise, promote and receive PR
  4. Promote good website content and make sure it gets in front of the right users
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Other common practices that businesses use to improve their own link juice include:

  1. Contribute content to other websites
  2. Reach bloggers
  3. Get expert reviews or brand mentions (Brand Mention)
  4. Good reviews for other parties’ products on your blog (easy to link back)
  5. Get listed in the group lists of the industry you work in.

How to calculate the value of a link juice?

In the past, Google has publicly used the Pagerank value metric to measure a page’s quality, and since that site links to, its value goes to that page better.

For example, site A has PR 6, then the value of that page passed to site B (the page referred to by site A) will be higher than those with lower PR.

Link juice flows better when it comes from a strong site
Links from a strong website will help convey to your website more power.

PageRank is a pretty core factor in calculating the value of backlinks Although at this time Google no longer publicizes the PR number of the page, it does not mean that it has disappeared. Google totally kept it, just didn’t make it public like in previous years.

Some values ‚Äč‚Äčthat measure the quality of a website to take into account the quality of link juice you can also include in a formula like: Domain Authority (SKIN) by Moz.

Get into practice for real Link Juice results

Link Juice is an indispensable part of VietNet Group’s projects. Link Juice may not directly bring sales to the business, but it does boost the website’s ranking in search results, which greatly benefits from more search traffic.

Growth analytics statistics
Google Analytics statistics growth

Having a lot of Link Juice helps you increase your credibility with Google and Google will have a more confident view of what you show on your Website.

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The Google Analytics screenshot above shows how building link juice helped our client’s Website improve Google rankings and subsequently the website traffic on the topic of health information evolved. In the process, we still need to control the backlinks to our website.

In the beginning, you will need to work very hard to be known. Or you actively connect with experts, blogs in the same field first and ask what you want and wait for an agreement to help.

Over time, your website’s progress will increase thanks in part to the link juice. However, when doing SEO Then you should never expect that focusing on a single factor will help you improve your rankings. It takes more than that, from improving the best user experience and getting more trust signals from Google.

After the Website has initial visits, we continue to produce creative, unique and beneficial content for the readers, after a certain period of time doing so. I have a good record of high-reputation websites with content directly related to the topic of our website linking to us.


Link juice is a term used in the SEO world to mean the value that is passed from one page to another. This value is passed through hyperlinks. Search engines see links as votes of other sites that your page is valuable and worth promoting.

There are many ways to earn links from the web through direct and indirect efforts. Direct efforts refer to link building strategies, like sharing materials, posting on sites that aren’t yours, social media marketing, publishing press releases, and more.

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The indirect effort that comes from presenting great content on your site causes readers to share that content on their web, linking pages naturally.


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