What is Anchor Text? Best Anchor Text Usage for SEO

Anchor Text or “anchor text”, is a fairly familiar term in SEO. This is a form of link text that you can click on to go to another page it links to.

Here is an example of anchor text (Anchor Text) in HTML

<a href="https://www.vietnetgroup.vn/thiet-ke-website.html">dịch vụ thiết kế web</a>

You can easily recognize the anchor text on the website when it is prominently displayed between the text paragraphs with blue or underlined color depending on the format of each website. The image below is an example of Anchor Text.

example of anchor text
Here is an example of Anchor Text

By now, you must have understood what Anchor Text is. To learn more about it and how to use it effectively without being penalized by search engine algorithms, you can learn in detail through the following sections.

I.The Importance of Anchor Text in SEO

Anchor Text is not just an anchor text used to navigate users from one page to another when clicking on it, but in SEO it also plays an extremely important role. Because search engines rely on these text anchors to determine the topic of the linked page and which keywords to rank for. It is a huge factor in search engine ranking algorithms and therefore anchor text is also very important in any form of link building for seo strategies.

What is Anchor Text?
Anchor Text is one of the important factors in ranking algorithms

Text anchors provide context for links inserted into it by navigating search engines to query the link to rank for. If you use anchor text with your target keyword and that keyword accurately describes the content of the link you navigate to it will increase the power of that link on search rankings when you search with that keyword. A link will have a better chance of ranking on search engines when it has more anchor text with the right keywords pointing to it. => Anchor text has a huge impact on the volume and performance of a site’s organic search.

II. Commonly used Anchor Text Types

To create a rich anchor text profile and avoid being penalized by search engines, you need to understand all types of anchor text and use it wisely.

#first. General anchor text (Generic anchors)

This type of anchor text uses a generic phrase that doesn’t provide clear context about the topic of the linked page and often serves as a call to action. The most common examples include “click here”, “read more”, “this site”, “see this post”, “visit here”, etc.

The use of these generic anchors should be limited, even though they attract the user’s attention, but they bring little SEO value to the link due to the vague and unclear context it describes.

#2. Brand Anchor Text (Branded anchors):

This is the link text using the brand name, for example our brand name is “VietNet Group”, then the anchor text of is the word “VietNet Group” and the link to our homepage.

It’s generally safe to use anchor text as a brand name, unless you’re using an exact match domain. An exact match domain is a domain name that exactly matches a search query that will drive traffic to your website.

This type of anchor text uses the bare URL as the link text (e.g. https://www.vietnetgroup.vn/). You are completely assured of the safety when using this anchor text form without worrying about being penalized.

#4. Correct anchor text (Exact Match Anchors):

Anchor type andThis copy uses the exact target keyword phrase you want to rank for on search rankings. This is the most important type of anchor text because it has the most power to improve your rankings. However, you should exercise caution when using precise anchor joints, as they can also be the reason for your penalty.

For example, if you are trying to rank highly for the keyword “mercedes c200” and your anchor text is also unique for the keyword “mercedes c200” with a very large percentage compared to other keywords, it can you are exposing yourself to a google penalty

#5. Related Anchor Text (LSI Anchor):

LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. This type of anchor text uses variations or synonyms of your target keyword.

For example, if your target keyword is “seo standard article writing service”, the LSI keyword could be words like: “web article writing service”, “receive seo standard article writing”, “receive writing”. articles for website”, etc. You can easily find LSI keywords by entering your target keyword into Google and optionally note in the search bar.

anchor text lsi
Here is an example of the LSI . keyword

#6. Long Tail Anchor Text (Long Tail Anchor):

This type of anchor text contains longer variations of your target keyword.

An example of a long-tail anchor text of the keyword “acne treatment” is anchor text such as “the most effective acne treatment, effective acne treatment at the root, …”

#7. Image anchor text (Image anchors):

Creating image anchor text is a bit different from other types of anchor text because of the fact that the anchor text of an image is the ALT tag of that image, and search engines see the alt tag of the image as a anchor text.

#8. Brand anchor text + keywords (Brand + Keyword Anchor)

This type of anchor text contains both your brand name and your target keyword. For example if our brand name is ‘VIETNET’ and the keyword you are targeting is ‘seo services’, the anchor text would be: ‘VIETNET seo services’.

III. How to optimize the best Anchor Text for SEO

If the above section I gave an overview of the types of anchor text, in this part I will show you how to use and optimize the correct and best anchor text for SEO.

#first. There must be a correlation between the anchor text and the content of the linked page:

Anchor text is the face, which is the most concise description of the content of the linked page. Therefore, using anchor text that is relevant to the context of the current page is an important part of anchor text optimization. To improve your ranking, you must make sure your target keyword is placed in relevant content.

For example, if you have an anchor text that says “how to lose weight effectively”, then the focus content of the page you are linking to should be some weight loss method.

#2. Make sure the page content you put the anchor text on and it should be relevant:

When you write articles in the same field and related to the landing page that you want to rank on satellite websites, friends’ blogs, or your own website, pointing the anchor text to the landing page from those articles is a very effective way of link building, it helps to boost your overall seo efforts very well. Because when an anchor text links to a page, that page has been voted 1 vote, these anchor texts will give power to the page it links to, and if a page is pointed to by more anchor text, that page will have a better chance of being ranked. Of course you have to use a variety of anchor text

If you put anchor text on a page with content that is not related to that anchor text, for example, in an article about “curing physiological weakness” that you put on it 1 anchor text is “how to treat acne” pointing to Going to an article about sharing acne treatments is a bad practice and can lead to a penalty in the future.

#3. Use a variety of anchor text:

Your anchor text profile will have a significant impact on your search engine rankings. To build a diverse organic profile, you need to be strategic about how you distribute different types of anchor text. Do not use only 1 anchor text to 1 page, but use multiple anchor text to 1 page.

For example, if I have an article about “how to treat acne”, the anchor text profile I can use is: acne treatment, acne treatment, acne treatment, acne treatment fish… that’s an easy-to-understand example of using a variety of anchor text.


Anchor Text is an extremely important ranking factor in search engines’ ranking algorithms. If using the right technique and not overdoing it can boost your seo strategy very high. In this article, I have summarized all that anchor text is all about and how to use it most effectively. Hope this article will help you better understand this term. Good luck!

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