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What is a freight forwarder? A freight forwarder is exactly what the words suggest. Moreover, it is an organization or company that acts as the middleman between the manufacturer of the goods being transported and the consumer or customer of those same goods. A freight forwarder ensures that the shipment arrives in a timely and efficient manner. Freight transportation is the transportation of items or things via land, air or sea transit. Land freight transport is usually carried out by trucks or trains, whereas air delivery occurs via specialized airplanes. In addition, sea transit involves shipping carried out by ships. Today, with the new technological aspects at every corner we turn, freight transportation has no option but to become digital in order to thrive.

Freight Transportation Digitalization

Today's world revolves around the evolution of digital life. Technology is, by no surprise, constantly and consistently advancing and developing further. In return, the rest of the world must catch up in order to remain relevant. The digital platform has a strong game, which is why it is necessary for freight transportation and its forwarders to turn digital as soon as possible. Within the industry, competitiveness is important. However, without digitalization there is no competition. This is true as the level everyone is playing and performing at is and will continue to be digital. 

As technology advances, it's essential for the freight industry to create a digital platform.

Old School to Digital 

Digitalization at the start is obviously a smart move for freight forwarders. Many up and coming freight forwarders have stepped foot in the industry via digital ways. However, there are also many veteran companies that are currently going through the digital shift. Both have pros and cons. The old schoolers are already familiar with their business and have had success at the non-digital level. Overall, they know how the industry functions and they cover all their bases effectively. Meanwhile, the newcomers, although already at an advantage as they are digital, might not have it so simple. New digital companies must fulfill certain freight transportation tactics in order to succeed in general. For example, to be considered real and heavy-duty players in the freight industry, they must focus on a few key elements. These elements include: 

  • awareness and understanding
  • international networks
  • shipment liability
  • customer base

The Demand for Digitalization 

Nowadays, everything is pretty much available with a click here and a click there. With websites, applications, social media, and any other digital platforms, the world is at your fingertips. For example, think about Amazon. There isn't much that you can't purchase and get delivered through Amazon. Also, let's not mention Prime Delivery! You have a birthday to attend tomorrow, and you completely forgot to get a gift for the host. What do you do? Easy. You go on Amazon, find a suitable gift, click on Prime delivery and voila! Within 24 hours, your purchased item is delivered to your home. How simple was that!? Let's face it; the need and demand for everything digital is huge. People all around the world are getting very accustomed to this type of service.

Moreover, it’s time for your freight business to turn digital. Also, don't solely rely on your WP website and the content on it. We suggest that you add social media buttons on your WP website! What will this do? Adding social media buttons to your website will transfer your customers to your other channels where you can conduct sales. Sales via multiple channels will help your business develop through the latest trends while evolving at the same time. In addition to this, using WordPress for your business will enable you to add new plugins with ease.

Taking your company digital expands your business worldwide.

Digitalization Benefits

For freight forwarders who have been in the industry and freight transportation for quite some time, the digital platform might not make sense. However, don't doubt the benefits of it. Although it may seem unfamiliar and unorganized, digitalization has great benefits. This includes the following elements:

  • digitalization allows you to rely on electronic or mechanical operations (less human intervention=lower margin of error) 
  • grow sales in volume by multiplying your freight consumer channels
  • modernization may add value and more appeal in today's world
  • going digital expands your business platform allowing you to reach many more customers worldwide
  • it's a faster process all together-you can maintain thousands of customer relationships at once, while improving their overall experience 
  • being digitally savvy is one extra qualification adding to the value of your business

Freight Transportation-Why Digital?

If you are still debating whether going digital is necessary, maybe you are not ready for the technological aspects of today's world. Simply take your business into consideration. It's been operating successfully thus far, therefore why not add a digital layer to it? Digitalization will expand your business in ways you might not even be able to imagine. Think about it. Going digital will enhance the freight forwarder in you. Your platform will now reach a hundred times more customers than it used to. Moreover, freight transportation is now a click of a button here and there, connecting numerous companies and customers internationally within a matter of seconds. 

Expand your company worldwide by digitalizing.

By turning your company digital and entering this automation process, you are taking your business one level higher. Your loyal customers will follow your move while getting familiar with the new automatically operated functions. Meanwhile, you will attract new customers who are already within the digital game but know that you bring good business overall. How does your company gain from this? It develops new business relationships, consequently growing your customer base in volume. Networking and building at a global level, making your company more valuable in the freight industry. Don't forget about social media marketing and advertising!In general, if you think about it, digitalization is just an expansion of your company. A few extra steps in the new direction, an improvement here and a little bit there, and let's not forget, more profit. Now that you are more informed on the importance of going digital, click ‘enter' and join the movement of the 21st century.


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