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IOT, Internet Of Things

What Is IOT? | Internet Of Things

Technology has always fascinated us. Internet has always been the product of people which is woven into our lives like a fabric at such a level that we don’t even realize. Internet of people has changed the world and now there is a new type of Internet emerging which is Internet of Things.   Internet of things, unlike many other fads which come and disappear is an emerging trend with lasting effects on the society. Let’s start with defining IOT(Internet of things) and then move we will move forward to other aspects related to that. We start with any kind of device , add computational intelligence to it which enhances its functionality. Then when on the top of that Internet connectivity is added to that, we get an IOT device with the interface as simpler as it was before. And now the ordinary thing which we started with can reach up to the Internet and we can program you device to add additional features.   Now you must be wondering what makes an IOT device different from a standard computer. The basic difference between them is that IOT are specific purpose devices whose main function is to run code whereas computers are general purpose devices whose main task is to compute. These devices have the ability to sense, communicate , collaborate and interact with other devices like humans interact. The basic goal of IOT is to make our lives easier and organized because humans may make mistakes but machines neither make mistakes nor forget anything.  

Trends supporting IOT revolution

  There are certain things which support the evolution of IOT:
  • Cost of the computational technology has decreased so far.
  • There is a massive reduction in the size and weight of hardware over decades.
  • Computational ability has increased because of use of multiple processors.
  • Internet access has improved a lot. It is reachable to a majority of population at affordable prices.
  • Nowadays there is less need for installation of physical cables because of wireless network connectivity.

Power of IOT

  IOT, Internet of Things   IOT(Internet of things) devices are basically an interface to the powerful computational servers .Not everything is going on your device rather the query is sent to some computational resource where it is processed and sent back. Since networking is pervasive ,IOT is pervasive .It is embedded in devices which you are not necessarily aware of. If you just take a look around you, you will probably see these kind of devices. We have cameras all over, microphones ,projectors ,DVD, refrigerators ,microwaves, televisions .There are health trackers which tracks your sleep cycle ,monitors your pulse rate, heart rate, blood pressure and all such things. If anything goes wrong with your health condition ,sensors in that tracker informs you about the situation through your mobile. And all the symptoms are recorded and transmitted electronically to the medical professional and your doctor is already evaluating your data before you reach there. This way you get the treatment at the correct time and you are saved. Home automation systems are also in a great trend nowadays which are connected to the network and just by operating your mobiles you can lock doors at your home, switch on or off the lights and stuff like that. From work to home we can have motion sensors in the rooms which senses whether any object is moving there or not and accordingly switches on or off the light. If you have diabetes and require insulin, a device can be tucked under your shirt for that task. That device will inject you the right amount at a right rate because your device knows even better than you about your health conditions. You might Like These Post : 
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  We can also have devices for surveillance purposes such as cameras embedded in ATM , traffic jam cameras which can also track the number plate so that the criminal gets caught easily. These were just a few examples. Basically, IOT is everywhere in all sorts of devices we interact with in our day to day lives.  


  It makes us independent of the people as we no longer need to depend upon people for trivial tasks because our device is working as our life saviour.
  • We need to visit to doctor less often because we can have a health band tied on our wrists.
  • No more frequent visits to the supermarket and standing in the queues because our intelligent refrigerator can order groceries now and also book for a water filter replacement.
  • We don’t need a driver because our car can drives itself.
So, we don’t have to interact with people as much I had to earlier because depending on people for some trivial tasks can be burdensome  


  We have seen that IOT devices are extremely useful but incorrect usage can pose some risks also such as social isolation. When you become highly dependent on technology to such a level that you stay in house every time, never walk out and have everything come to you. Usually things doesn’t go that extreme but it may happen depending upon the mindset of the person using the technology. So this highly dependency increases the risk of social isolation. Another potential threat can be invasion of the privacy. We know that our devices are observing us and recording our details for our benefit but it is recording a little too much from your location to your likes and dislikes. Each and every information about you is recorded and stored at some cloud servers. Though these servers respect our privacy but if these data get stolen from these servers , it can be troublesome for us. Considering all the benefits and potential risks , IOT  revolution is supposed to give significant boost to our quality of life which is enough to prompt us to move ahead with INTERNET OF THINGS.  
What Is IOT? | Internet Of Things
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What Is IOT? | Internet Of Things
The basic difference between them is that IOT are specific purpose devices whose main function is to run code whereas computers are general purpose devices whose main task is to compute. These devices have the ability to sense, communicate , collaborate and interact with other devices like humans interact.
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