PAS: Classic Copywriting Formula But Still Works

We all know that successful content is content that hits the customer’s mind. But how to produce articles that understand customer psychology, making them feel that the purchase decision is completely right is not easy.

Copywriting Formula Unlike mathematical formulas, as long as you follow the formula correctly, you will succeed. It helps you know where to start and focus creatively to get quality sales articles. PAS is a classic copywriting formula but has always been effective in many forms of marketing from sales articles, PR articles, flyers, email marketing, TVC ads, etc.


1. Problem: Present the problem

The first thing is that you need to understand the problem that the customer is facing. Then, with your flexibility of expression and use of language, write down the problems as if you were the one experiencing them. Customers will feel that the characters in this article are themselves, this is exactly the problem they are facing. That’s how you keep them longer and keep exploring.

2. Agitate: Stir up the severity of the problem

After making the customer aware of the problem they are having, make the problem more serious, urge them to solve it immediately to avoid the consequences that will happen if the problem persists. .

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3. Solution: Give a solution to the problem

And finally give them a way out, a quick and easy way to solve the problem. Here, you begin to reveal about your products and services.

Example of the PAS formula:

Example 1:

  1. Problem

Is your business experiencing the following problems?

– Resources for marketing are limited and do not know where to invest effectively

– There is no overall picture of marketing

– Unable to find a consulting partner or having a “too big” budget that cannot be met.

  1. Agitate

Being stuck in marketing problems will make it difficult for your company to grow, not build a brand, not be strong enough to fight hundreds of competitors and have to regret to lose the best ones. potential customers into the hands of competitors.

  1. Solution

If your business is facing the above problems, then look to BSE’s total marketing solution consulting service. BSE’s comprehensive marketing staff will help you come up with a total marketing solution that fits your business’s budget, help you shape your brand in the minds of customers, ready to confidently “surpass”. “competitors on the internet.

Example 2: Bumper ads

Problem: When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Have you ever known sleep where when you wake up you feel loved and excited when you get out of bed?

Agitate: A night’s sleep can make you feel like you are lost in a dream, as if that love is pressing on you. You can’t concentrate, you feel uncomfortable, and nothing can ease your mind.

Solve: If that happens to you often, then you must know our ABC mattress. You will not sleep. You will be floating with indulgence throughout the long night.

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Example 3: Soy sauce advertisement

Problem: European countries have just issued a warning about soy sauces containing 3-MCPD with excessive concentrations, which are harmful to consumers’ health.

Agitate: Organizations and associations at home and abroad said 3-MCPD is the main cause, making the body susceptible to cancer.

Solve: We launched a new type of soy sauce, safe for consumers’ health, and rewarded 1 billion VND for anyone who finds 3-MCPD in our soy sauce.

There are many examples that we can easily recognize in the TVCs or PR articles that we see every day.

The PAS (Problem – Agitate – Solve) copywriting formula It will bring great success if you really understand the customer’s problem, present it intelligently and bring a solution that cannot be more optimal.

The PAS formula will be really good for genuine business brands, helping to bring good solutions to customers and be well received by customers, but also a double-edged sword if brands intentionally use PAS to mislead customers. deceive consumers, when discovered, it will cause unpredictable consequences, even turning away and estranged from consumers.

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