Optimizing on-page SEO with MOZPro

Today I will share with you SEO tool MozPro to optimize onpage SEO for the website. For example, below I will perform SEO keyword “SEO Knowledge” for the page. https://seothetop.com

Optimizing on-page SEO with MozPro
Optimizing on-page SEO with MozPro

MozPro offers about 30 important criteria when implementing On-page SEO include the following criteria in descending order of importance:

first. Keyword appears in the Title tag as close to the left as possible (no more than 2 times)

2. Keyword appearing in URL

3. Keyword appears in Description tag (no more than 2 times)

4. Keyword appearing in H1 tag (no more than 2 times)

5. Keyword appears in the Body tag evenly distributed on the page no more than 15 times depending on the length of the long or short article at least 3 times in the content

6. Keyword appears in the ALT attribute of the IMG . tag

7. Make sure the site is not blocked by robots.txt file or robots meta meta tag

8. Avoid stuffing keywords in the article content

9. Avoid stuffing keywords in the recommended Title tag no more than 2 times

ten. Make sure each Title for the page is unique across the entire website

11. Use the exact keyword, keyword phrase at least once in the article

twelfth. Use only 1 Canonical tag

13. The article has a minimum word count of at least 300 characters, or the content is not less than 50 words

14. The length of the title should not exceed 70 characters

15. Use links to external pages External Links link to trusted content sources, link to landing pages when SEO keywords (build backlinks), do not use many external links on 1 page, should leave 3-5 links go out

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16. Avoid using too many internal links on a page, no more than 100 links

17. The length of the URL is as short as possible, no more than 75 characters

18. Use only 1 Description tag for 1 page, the length of the Description tag should not exceed 165 characters

When optimizing the criteria on MozPro, there will be a tool to check your performance, rate and give suggestions for you to optimize onpage SEO better, it’s great if you get an A, The scale will be from AF, if you haven’t achieved the A or B points, you should do SEO optimization according to Moz’s criteria, wish you better SEO and your keywords will soon be on the TOP of Google Search. and other search engines.

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