Link Building Strategies that stand the test of time

Moz pays special tribute to the late SEO pioneer Eric Ward. His linking strategies formed the basis of many of today’s smartest approaches to links, and in this Whiteboard Friday Rand covers some of what is as relevant today as when Eric started talking about them.

Eric is one of the pioneers of the SEO industry. In fact, he was a link strategist and creator of links for websites before the search engines even had valuable links on the internet. He was the first affiliate marketer that hired. He has a testimonial from Jeff Bezos on his website, from Google’s Matt Cutts many years ago, and works with hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations to improve their linking strategies.

In addition, Eric is a notable contributor to the SEO field through conferences and events, through webinars, through his blog and Twitter accounts, and through countless conversations with fellow SEOs. SEOs like me. In fact, Eric was one of the first people to help me understand how affiliate strategy works and I have many, many fond memories of him.

For those of you who are active link builders and link strategists, much of this may be familiar. But I bet for your clients, for your team, for your boss, for the people you work with, this kind of strategic thinking is sometimes overlooked and it means you don’t always get get the credit you should have.

Eric Ward's Great Linking Strategy
Eric Ward’s Great Linking Strategy

So let’s learn some lessons. These are just a few of the values ‚Äč‚ÄčEric has provided over the decades he has been in our field.

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1. People and organizations affiliated because:

First of all, Eric likes to talk about why people and organizations get together, and I think there’s really some great strategic and strategic thinking here.

A. Content deserves recognition

First off, he talked about the content they’ll link to that actually deserves their recognition, which I think makes intuitive sense, but is something that’s often not considered in link building lists. . When we create our lists, we sometimes overlook that.

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B. They have a non-financial incentive to link up

Which makes sense. If you’re trying to get someone to link up, they need to have a reason, an emotional reason, a business reason, a partnership reason. If it’s financial, of course, the search engines will penalize it or eventually penalize it.

C. The right people let them know that they should cite

This is the kind of work Eric focused specifically on early in his career, when he was a tactical alignment strategist, and I think it’s so meaningful, but often overlooked, that we don’t find it. the right people of us organizations to make that connection, that we really don’t make the organizations that should affiliated with us know why a link should happen and where it should exist, and this work, while very manual, is also very powerful. It can drive direct traffic, and of course it boosts rankings in search engines.

D. Content is really important to their audience

Whoever you are reaching out, this reason, this incentive needs to connect with their audience. Otherwise, Google doesn’t have the ability to count that link, and visitors can’t click on it. I do think the two may be related, that there is some form of browser-level data, user data and usage data that Google is using here.

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E. Content that is new (or recently updated)

I find this fascinating that Eric pointed out how easy it is to get content to earn links from its audience, a lot easier, from a target if it’s new or recently updated. It’s much more difficult to do that with older content, which is one of the reasons why so many strategies or so many tactical elements he recommends, when working with his clients. , focus on: How are we going to update, redo, or make something new that will make all of these things true?

I think if you can check these five, you’ve got a great set to be able to go out and tell people about why those links should exist.

A quote from Eric: ” Identify and contact places that will tend to be interested in new content enough to write about it and/or link to it. “I think that’s really PR. It’s public relations, just in terms of digital marketing, and really a huge part of what successful outreach looks like.

2. Great execution is the result of strategy and planning

Next, great execution is the result of strategy and planning. I know. Who knows? What is true in every other part of the business world and every other part of the world of gain is also true in link building? Yes, it is.

A. Strategy comes from understanding your topic and the online space

Eric likes to say that strategy stems from a deep understanding of the topic and the space, which is why so many of the services that you can find online, very cheaply, or very scalable, don’t. work well in links, because they don’t have deep subject matter and deep spatial understanding. When you have a deep understanding of topic and space, you can better target the possibility. your link earning ability.

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B. A blueprint on how to earn links from a variety of different types of goals greatly increases the success rate.

So two interesting things here. If you have a blueprint, it means you have a structure for how you will target and how you will approach. If you look at different types of goals and Eric mentions some of them on his website. I’m planning to link to link to a bunch of resources in this Friday Table from Eric around here. If you choose those different types of goals, over time you will discover which ones are consistently high performing for you and have the best chance of earning you links that will make all the difference. in your campaigns.

Eric is going to say what we do and he uses “we” here to refer to link strategists rather than just link building,” What we do is help content find the audience it’s intended for, and the audience find the content. “I love that one. It has a beautiful simplicity, but also a profound strategy that unfortunately a lot of link building campaigns don’t pay attention to.

Dung Hoang, Seothetop

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