Link Building and Search Engine Ranking

Links are the first “Off-The-Page” factor used to rank in search engines. Google wasn’t the first to use links as “votes,” but it was the first to rely on analytics. links as search ranking criteria.

Link building criteria to rank in search results
Link building criteria to rank in search results

Links are the most important external signals for search ranking. However we will see some link more valuable than the following:

Link Quality

What is a quality link?

It is a link from reputable sites with high PageRank pointing to your site (Not blocked by nofollow or otherwise) or linked back from sites with the same type of content, from comments by users. blogs that discuss issues related to the content of articles on your site.

Link Text / Anchor Text

Amazon has millions of links pointing at it. However it does not rank for “boats” and it does rank for “books”. Why? Many of the links pointing to Amazon say the word “book” in the links, while relatively few say “boats”, since Amazon doesn’t sell boats 😀

The words in a link – link text or anchor text are seen by search engines as how a website describes it. If someone points at you in real life and says “book” and claims you are an expert on that topic.

You often can’t control the words people use to link to your website, so take your opportunity to influence NEO text.

Number of links

A lot of pages were found and got lots of links pointing to it, which is a success factor in SEO. Even more so if you are getting a lot of links from many different sites. All things equal, 1000 links from one site will mean less than 1000 links from 1000 different sites.

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In the past, the absolute number of links used to be an important metric, but now much less in search engines, learn how to better gauge the quality of the links. the link points to.

Algorithm to evaluate link quality
Algorithm to evaluate link quality

Tactics like virus linkbaiting (link bait and viral) can all be effective in securing a large number and quality of links pointing to your website.

The campaign uses software that automatically generates links from blogs, spam links from forums, this link building method will be detected by google and will not be punished by the Penguin algorithm.

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