How to Organize Your Ideal Website Link Building Campaign

The success of an SEO campaign depends on many factors of which link building is an integral part because Links on the Internet form a relationship between pages and websites that are extremely important to both the company and the company. Search engines and marketers. Search engines, like Google, use links to crawl the web, discover new pages, the popularity of those pages, and also determine the relevance of the results to the user’s query. search.

Campaign link building is the proactive process of trying to increase links to a website, often with some overarching goal in mind. It will use the assets of the business such as: Content, information about products and services to get links.

Link Building Resources
Link Building Resources

Structure of a link building campaign

There are many components of a link building campaign, some of which are crucial to success and others useful, much of which will depend on the resources available on your site.

Link building strategy organizational structure
Link building strategy organizational structure

Set goals

Link building is a form of online marketing and with any form of marketing you should start with clear goals. Knowing the purpose of your campaign from the outset ensures that you create a strategy that offers the best possible chance of success. You also need to make sure that the goals of your link building campaign align with the overall goals of your business.

Links are an important part of ranking algorithms search. So it is not possible to achieve the goal without good and diverse links to rank for and increase traffic.

Link building goals should be tied to the organization’s goals and ultimately have a positive impact on the business results of the business. For example, maybe you want to drive traffic through search to increase sales, but you also need to remember that SEO and link building are not instant successes, like any other important marketing. The focus is on long-term gain, not short-term gain.

Assets you have

Things you provide on the site such as Content, product and service information to attract and earn links. This is known as the hook that will make people interested in what you have to offer and will attract them to link to you. Assets will vary from business to business and it is necessary to identify what assets the business can use in link building.

Assets can be:

  • Content
  • Data
  • Product
  • Service
  • Human resources (people)

Another asset that black hat SEOs still use is money. Obviously all assets will likely require some investment, but these SEOs approach acquisition links. Buying links is related to Google’s guidelines and if the site is caught it can result in heavy penalties and loss of traffic. Trading links is risky and has the potential to lose money when getting a penalty.

Make sure that the assets on your site are relevant to the audience you attract. Identify the right target audience for links.

Types of Links

When determining the strategy for your link building campaign, you will need to think about the types of links to build.

  • Home page link
  • Links to “deeper” pages (such as product or category pages)
  • Link containing your brand/company name
  • Links containing the keywords you are targeting

Determine the type of links you need to start a detailed link analysis of your existing site and see how it ranks for keywords compared to your competitors. You can use Open Site Explorer to analyze and view your current link profile.

The source links to you, pay attention to high PA, DA will be very good
The source links to you, pay attention to high PA, DA will be very good

The analysis will show you opportunities to improve your link profile. For example, you might see no ranking for one of your main keywords. After doing some link analysis, you’ll either see no links pointing to the site that contains this keyword, or notice that the most deeply relevant page has no links to it. In this case, you need to create a deep page link that currently has no links and isn’t ranking for your target keyword.

Find link target

The first thing you need to think about is who you should contact, make sure you’re reaching out to people who might be interested in your content. If you contact randomly, the response rate will be much lower, and may lead to a bad review of your business.

Ideally, before you start your link building campaign, it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of ​​who you would be interested in what you have to offer. If you create a piece of content that you want to link to, such as a website, you should ask yourself at the beginning of the process who will be interested in it. More importantly, who would care enough to actually want to link to it?

The last one is very important. While you may find people looking at your content fairly easily, their level of commitment actually wants to link to it. Linking to something takes effort and time, so you need to do enough for someone so they don’t feel bothered. Having a Twitter or Facebook account or blog makes sharing easier.

So how do you get people interested and linked to you?

You need to find a hook (hook a technique of inserting a piece of content that makes a strong impression on the reader) that makes people interested. You need to include this hook in your content right from the start. If you don’t create hooks until you start reaching out, you may discover that no one is interested in your content, resulting in you spending a lot of time creating content that no one wants to relate to. end to.

4 step link building strategy:

  1. Create the ContentCreate high-quality content
  2. Find the Angle – Link target search
  3. By Outreach – Make outreach
  4. Follow Up – Follow the chase
4 step link building strategy
4 step link building strategy

Some hooks you can think of could be:

  • Shocking, toxic, strange news
  • Funny, Funny
  • Controversial
  • Manual document
  • Use video

There are many hooks, the examples above you should refer to and maybe think more creatively about what to offer people that will make them want to link to your site.


Organize a good Link Building Campaign that helps you to clearly target what you have to offer and identify the target audience to link to, providing effective ways to reach and ultimately reach the target audience. Get the best possible business performance through search engine marketing.

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Thank you very much, good luck

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The source: Moz – Link Building Campange

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