How to optimize your website to be search engine friendly?

Some factors when designing and programming websites to optimize efficiency and be friendly with search engines

Website architecture in recent years is a very important factor for SEO, Because architecture is the foundation of the website, it affects both the way the user interacts with the website and the search engine will analyze it. Is the content analysis on your website optimized?

Page structure is not only important for SEO, it is also very important for website developers, When designing a new website the first thing should pay attention to the design to be search engine friendly from the beginning, Even without SEO, Failure to do so may hinder future SEO efforts, resulting in higher development costs due to having to revise the design due to not following SEO standards.

People who need to be concerned about this include:

  • Website owner
  • Website developer
  • SEO Consultant and Website Promotion
Design and develop SE (Search Engine) friendly website
Design and develop SE (Search Engine) friendly website

Here are some tips to develop your website to be search engine friendly

  • Using the Robot.txt file allows the spider to search for content on your website
  • Declare the document type of the web page, for example Doctype XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Make sure the HTML code is valid, there are no errors this will affect the content analysis on the page by search engines
  • Make sure the CSS code is valid
  • Avoid using Frames in HTML
  • Add image description to ALT attribute in IMG tag, add keywords to this tag
  • Redirect old URLs using Redirect 301
  • Invalid URLs that return 404 error codes need to use the 404 page to issue a message
  • Minimize HTML, JS, CSS code using HTML Compressor for compression
  • Compress the image and put the image of the right size on the website to ensure the minimum size but still enough sharpness
  • Underline text in link tags
  • Highlight the main keyword by color, bold, italic
  • Use Breadcrumbs
  • Set up a proper website hierarchy – How to structure a website with SEO standards
  • Balanced directory tree structure
  • Make sure the page title tag is unique throughout the website
  • Write a description for a unique Description from 160-300 characters
  • Use proper lists when code (


      • )
      • Optimize the code to ensure the fastest page load speed under 5s
      • Limit the use of the TABLE tag in HTML
      • Use absolute links in navigation
      • Use the rel=”nofollow” tag to ignore the link without scanning it
      • Use Disallow in robots.txt file to not allow SE to scan these contents
      • Use NoIndex to disallow display in search results (SERPs)
      • Check for broken links
      • Improve page load speed Page load speed is related to the number of pages being indexed. Slow speed will have less pages scanned by SE, whereas fast speed will have more pages to be indexed.
      • Reduce the number of links on the page, each page should only have 100 links
      • Remove duplicate content
      • Reasonable implementation of the Heading tag hierarchy. Every page should have one, and only one, H1 tag. Remaining top-level heading tags (H2-4) should be used in the content area, set H5-6 for navigation headings
      • Don’t use Session ID
      • Use Search Engine Friendly Links
      • Structured data construction
      • Use sitemaps to make it easier for SEs to find your pages
      • Use gzip to compress content from the server to reduce file size when transmitting over the network
      How to optimize your website?
      How to optimize your website?

      Implementing the above factors will help your website be friendly to the search engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing, helping your pages to rank TOP faster in search results.

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      Wish you apply the above content to successfully implement SEO of your website


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