How does duplicate content hurt your SEO?

You probably know that for good seo, the content must not be duplicated, but have you ever wondered why? You probably also know that duplicate content is bad for SEO but can’t give any specific explanation.

How difficult is it to tailor your content to meet certain SEO needs if you don’t understand what duplicate content is? How it negatively affects SEO. How to detect and remove duplicate content and improve your SEO. Those are also questions that will be answered through the following article.

I. What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is content that is very similar or similar to another on the same website or on one or more other sites on the internet. If the same content appears on the internet in two different locations, it’s duplicate content.

Basically duplicate content can make it difficult for search engines to determine which version is the most relevant and should be shown first. This can really reduce your SEO ranking significantly.

Duplicate content
Duplicate content makes Google Bot difficult

II. Why is duplicate content a bad problem for SEO?

SEOs often say to each other that “Content is always King” ie content is the top factor in SEO. So what happens to SEO results when the content is not unique and overlaps with other content that can be copied or copied by others?

Duplicate content affects both search engines and website owners. Duplicate content may not be shown in high rankings or may not be shown in search results. Since Google isn’t sure how to rank similar duplicate content, Google’s ranking algorithms don’t allow similar content to be ranked, so most of the time, duplicate content is often overlooked. removed from the ranking. This leads to significant damage to your SEO

If Google notices that you have duplicate content, at some point your site may be penalized. Google is becoming stricter about similarity as it has become a prominent issue.

If you receive a penalty from Google for duplicate content, this will have significant consequences for you and your site. Your site will no longer appear when searched because Google will redefine your ranking index, then move you from the first page of results to the 10th page or it may even take your website to the next page. into the Google Sandbox filter and have a very low chance of ranking high again.

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You might think that if you get hit with a penalty, you can simply delete the duplicates and everything will instantly go back to normal, but that’s not true. Google may leave you out of the search engine results for the next several months. This will be a big hitch for your website.

III. Duplicate Content Types Can Lead to SEO Penalties

There are different types of duplicate content that you should avoid.

1. Duplicate product form

E-commerce sites often use manufacturers’ item descriptions to describe the products they sell. The problem is that those products are often sold to different e-commerce sites. Then the same description appeared on different websites and created duplicate content.

2. Content distributed or copied

Many website owners copy and use content, quotes, or comments from other websites to illustrate their articles. There’s nothing wrong with that if you link back to the original. However, Google may still consider this a duplicate and will downplay such pieces of content.

3. Sort and multi-page list

The major e-commerce sites have filtering options and categories that generate unique URLs. Product pages may appear in different categories and be arranged in a different order depending on how the list is arranged. For example, if you include 45 products by price or alphabetical order, you will end up with two pages containing the same content, but with different URLs.

4. URL Issues

Google considers the URLs in www, http, https, .com and .com/index.html to be different URLs even if they point to the same pages and will evaluate them as duplicate content.

5. Session ID

Session ID issues refer to different session IDs stored in the same URL assigned to visitors when they visit the site.

III. How to find duplicate content

We can divide duplicate content into two parts, the first is the external duplicate content (on the internet) and the second is the internal duplicate content (inside the website).

1. External Duplicate Content:

First of all, you need to know which sites may have copied your page or page content, you can use an online duplicate content checker ( ) to find duplicate content on the internet. If you see your content copied by someone doing a manual action, go to the site and if you see your content is similar to other then try changing your content to do for content other than that.

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how to find duplicate content
Copyscape can help you find duplicate content outside of the internet

Here you can add the URL of the website or content you want to check if it is a duplicate or not by searching for the content on another website. This tool can also help you create unique content or even solve the problem of someone “copying” your content without your permission.

You will see a list of other pages similar to yours. Click on that page and check them out one by one. See, what percentage of pages are similar to yours.

2. Find duplicate content internally:

Now the second is to check for duplicate content inside the website. Siteliner is one of the tools that support the internal search of duplicate content. This duplicate content checker will find duplicate content on your own website.

The Siteliner repeats the content check will show you a lot of things, but is limited to 250 pages and 30 days. Again, there is a premium version, but the free version should give you a good idea. Just do a search, find the dashboard.

how to find duplicate content

You can also use the Google Search Console option to check for duplicate content internally within your website.

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IV. What you can do to remove duplicate content

Duplicate content is considered a serious problem for SEO because search engine guidelines are to avoid including similar websites in search results, as they affect the user experience. However, according to Matt Cutts, duplicate content won’t hurt your site’s SEO unless it’s “spam”.

If you’re concerned about duplicate content on your site, here are a few methods to effectively detect and fix duplicate content issues:

  • To start, you should check all the content and tags that you have used. Usually, you should use short keywords and find them on your website. Then you will receive similar content corresponding to the keywords you find on the website. You should thoroughly analyze your website and if you notice any relatively similar content, you should remove or make some changes to make it different.
  • You can set up certain signals like 301 redirects that will be sent to Google to notify their bots of pages that may have similar content. If you know that you have duplicate web content, set up one of these redirects. It basically lets Google know which pages are correct and should be considered for ranking.
  • By now you understand what duplicate content is and how you can avoid it. So future projects make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your content is unique and not duplicated. You can use some popular tools like Copyscape to check for plagiarism and duplication of your content.
  • You need to make sure that if other sites have picked up your content or the press release you’ve written, those sites are reputable. You won’t be penalized if your content has been posted on a legitimate website.
  • You need to take action if you notice that other sites have stolen your content. If you catch this first, your SEO won’t be affected by other people’s mistakes. You can contact Google and let them know that the original content is yours.
  • If you’re copying from a website, use the rel=canonical attribute to pass all permissions (ranking power, link, and content) to the specified URL the content was taken from. This will let search engines know that you are only using the content as a reference not to steal it.
  • Add the Robot Noindex meta tag to the top of the HTML of pages with duplicate content to remove them from the search engine’s index. These pages will still be crawled, but you won’t be penalized for them.
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Above are the basics of duplicate content and its effects on SEO. Hopefully the article will help you better understand the problem of duplicate content and how to fix it for the best effect.


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