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How To Use Instagram For Business – Proven Guide (2020)

As for social media marketing is go, Instagram has become a major player in this. It’s true for every business that can get potential customers with higher reach and engagement. So let's read the proven 2020 guide, how to use Instagram for business in order to build the brand.

From the previous few years, Instagram grows higher and compete with Facebook. It has adopted many new features that can facilitate merchants and users.

In this guide, we will explore all the basic fundamentals that include how you can optimize your profile, how to create a post which can engage more, how to get better results from feed and story, and how to check your all progress on Instagram.

Why you should use Instagram for Business Marketing

Instagram is the basic standard of marketing for many small businesses. This is all due to it has a large number of users from all over the world and can engage brands that can result in high reach.

Researchers cleared these benefits many times and they translate it directly to sales and leads.

According to research:

  • 80% of the Instagram users follow at least one brand and 60% say they found too many services and products using this platform.
  • 30% of users purchase products that they find here.
  • 65% of the posts that are most popular on Instagram are products

Peoples are so happy to follow brands and they search and purchase many products. This is a big deal.

how to use instagram in business to grow it drastically.
Instagram Is really Important for every kind of business.

Instagram ads get high engagement and their results are excellent. Business profiles that have more than 10,000 followers have “Swipe up” options where they can add URL of their site which results in traffic and sales. Instagram updating their features more and more and expanding their platform more for merchants and e-commerce businesses.

Optimize your Instagram Profile

Most of the merchants know about how to set up your online profile but if you don’t know you don’t need to worry. There is some basic information you must fill which include your contact information, your short description and don’t forget to add your major keywords. It also required your clear profile picture which maybe your company logo and you are ready to start.

But Instagram has made some changes for the business accounts. To get out from your limited space on the platform you must use some of the following:

Clickable Hashtags

You can add hashtags in your description by using “#” it and your desired words. You must focus on your brand and make hashtags according to it which relates to your brand. It will create brand awareness.

Clickable Profile Links

There are many other options for using it but you must use it in your Instagram bio.

Instagram Clickable Profile Link
You can set only one clickable link to your profile

You can add your own profile links also. You can add any events links that can bring audience intention. You can also use this feature to send people on your other profiles or sites that are linked to you.

Highlight Story

The story is the new feature on Instagram that flashes your brand.

Instagram Story highlighs
Instagram story highlights in red boxes

It can help your profile to look like a showcase with different contents that maybe your posts.

Which Image or Video will be better for Instagram

If you want to get the best results on Instagram then you must familiar which image or video will be a better fit for the post. Because there is a lot of audiences and we must share according to their interest.

Which Image is right for Instagram
How To Use Instagram For Business – Choosing right image.

In terms of posts, users want to see beautiful images. They are also happy to see promotional photos, famous Quotations, and many more others. They also bored seeing the same type of posts so diversity is also necessary for posts you shared.

Videos can share more information but according to research, a photo has more engagement than a video. If you are going to share a video on Instagram then you must keep in mind that video must be short because the most audience is mobile user and they cannot stick to one place more than 10 to 15 seconds.

You can also use different camera effects so that your post doesn’t become a headache for any user.

Better images play a very important role in many ways like:

  • Lighter images are better than dark images and these can perform better.
  • Background or white spaces will be preferred.
  • Images that are with contrasting colors can get more likes as compared to others.

Instagram Stories and their Major Role

Stories feature was launched by Snapchat and Instagram borrowed it. It is the feature in which your lived photos or videos disappeared after 24 hours.

Now it has become an important part of the platform that is now using for story ads. Instagram also give us highlights so that our story remains life for a lifetime.

Let’s take a tour of how to use them!

Different Ways to Use Instagram Stories

There are many ways to use Instagram stories that can get the best results for your business depending on how you use them.

Instagram Story
How to use Instagram for business.

Share Your Audience Content

When you share content that anyone creates from your audience then it will result in the happiness of your audience that you care about them and share their thoughts on your story or feed. It will also eliminate the burden of you for creating new content for sharing.

Get Content from Your Audience

You can add a call to action or can create a poll for users that they share their latest purchase pictures and it will also show you social with your audience.

Moments from Events

Your stories are the best place where you can share about any event and can easily promote it. There is no matter whether this event is several weeks away or it was in the past. This is the best way to create brand awareness and realize their audience that they are missing something special.

Be Honest

Instagram stories are totally different from your feed's content. It’s a great place to show your fun side. Use those images and videos that tell you about your brand story. Click some behind the scene happenings that make your audience interest.

Go Live

You can go live from your phone and can engage your audience in real-time.

How To Use Instagram In Business
Instagram Live Start Screen

You can host a Q & A, Interview of any Guest, can talk about any special Topic, etc. Once the live is over you can also use it for the rest of your story play.

All Basics about Instagram Analytics

Instagram has a built-in feature of analytics that gives you all information about your performance on the platform. But you must keep in mind that these features can only be seen in a business profile.

To see your analytics, Go to your profile page and then click on the graph on the right side corner at the top.

You can see the following information in your analytics:

  • Total profile visits
  • Total clicks on the website URL
  • Unique accounts who saw your posts mean reach
  • Total impressions mean how much time your posts were viewed
  • Every post-performance, reach, engagement
  • Total views on your Story

You can also see the information about your audience like:

  • Number of Followers
  • Gender and Age
  • Their Location
  • Followers Activity and it will be divided into days and times which can help you in determining the
  • the peak time for posting

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So, in the end, all clear that Instagram can play a major role in any business marketing or brand awareness in all sophisticated ways.


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