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WordPress SEO Tips – Important Settings To Improve SEO

WordPress is slowly becoming the best platform for building websites. If you wish to run a safe website with regular blog posts, WordPress is the platform to use. And, with all the updates and added tools, we wouldn't be surprised if people started using it for other types of online content as well. But, let us put that aside for now, and let us focus on what WordPress currently is. So, in this article, we are going to go over WordPress Seo tips and how they influence the content you create.

You should be familiar with how important SEO is for a website. This is why every responsible content writer should at least have a basic knowledge of what SEO settings in WordPress are. So, relax, have a seat, and let's check out what all those options are on the right side of the screen.

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We have no doubts that WordPress will become even more present then it currently is.

Going through WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress Seo settings are used to alter the very essence of your blog post. With then you can control the visibility of your post, which tags and categories you want to associate with it and when you wish to publish it. So, in order to make proper use of SEO and get as much traffic as possible on your posts, you need to know your way around WordPress settings.

Status & Visibility

The first thing you can see once you open WordPress Seo settings is Status & Visibility. With visibility, you can choose whether your post will be Public, Private or Password Protected. These options are extremely useful if you have other writers working for you, as you can control which posts are visible to other people. This is also why the Pending-review checkbox is useful. It gives you that much more oversight over your posts.

Wordpress SEO tips
WordPress SEO tips

Second is the Publish control. It allows you to schedule the time when you wish to publish your post.

After that you have Post-Format. It allows you to decide the format of your post. This helps SEO sort your post properly so that people will have an easier time finding it.


Permalink is the permanent URL that your post will have once you publish it. It can be a good idea to alter it so that it is easy to read. Most people settle on default “Ugly” permalinks that simply have the Post ID Number. It works, but it certainly doesn't look good. Instead, you should use mod_rewrite to make much nicer permalinks. There are even different formats you can use, which gives you even more freedom to design your website. Just remember to do a bit of homework before you start modifying your permalinks.


The best way to consider categories is like connectors that help make a website easy to navigate. The key difference between them and tags is that categories have hierarchies. Ideally, you want to create categories before you start writing posts as it will make it much easier to keep your website well organized.  This will not only help you update your website, but it will also help you prepare your maintenance budget in advance. A well-organized website with sensible categories is a joy to navigate and maintain.


Tags, on the other hand, serve to connect themes within your website. They are essential for keeping people on your website once they visit them. They provide a natural suggestion to what the reader should check out next while they are on your website. So, if you want people to stay on your website once they visit it, make sure to keep track of your tags and to keep them updated. It is also important to know how to manage your tags with no indexing directives to Google. By doing so you will help manage your SEO better and keep your posts more relevant on Google.

Featured image

Featured image is the image that will be associated with your post. If you share your post on sites like Facebook, it will pop up alongside some basic text. So, in order to make people notice your posts, you need to carefully pick featured images.


Expert is a short text that you will use to describe your post. Ideally, you should make it short and sweet. Just short enough so that it doesn't require effort to read. And just interesting enough so that it inspires people to read your post.


Discussion settings are used to keep track of your post. You can allow people to leave comments regarding your post if you wish to see what their thoughts are about it. The other checkbox is to Allow Pingbacks & Trackbacks. If you link another website in your post, and you allow Pingbacks & Trackbacks, they will get a notification. After that, they can choose to mention your post on their website.

wordpress seo tips
WordPress SEO Tips

Featured Gallery

Sometimes instead of using featured images, you might want to use a featured gallery. If that is the case, you simply need to use the last setting is the Post sheet of WordPress Seo settings.

Block settings

All the aforementioned settings were regarding the Document sheet of WordPress Seo settings. Next to it, you can find a Block setting that can alter the block you've currently chosen. The settings in it should be pretty self-explanatory for anyone who's used Microsoft Word before. You have your basic Text Settings like Font Size and a button to toggle whether you wish to have a large initial letter.

Bellow that you have Color Setting where you can choose both the background and the text colour in your post. These are quite basic in the standard WordPress settings. But, don't worry. If you wish to alter them more professionally, you can easily add an additional CSS class.


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