Link Building In SEO

Link Building In SEO : 2020 Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Link building in SEO has long been an effective tool in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It increases the number and quality of inbound links to the webpage, which in return increases the visibility and traffic of a website.

You might be wondering if link building in SEO is still important. The truth is, yes. Links are still labeled as Google’s #1 ranking factor and are included in Google’s Reputation Management Tool.

But how do you build a reputable link?

The game plan today is quality over quantity.

If we were used to adding multiple links without checking their authenticity, then this might not work in the new age – it might even cause the turndown of your website.

Here’s a complete guide to everything you need to know about link building.

From quality fundamentals to content marketing to link conversions, everything is all in one scoop. Feel free to read on.

Why are links still important?

Backlinks are still Google’s top-ranking signal. They are proven to be highly effective in determining the quality of a webpage. The more prominent your links are, the more credible your site will be.

Link Building In SEO
Link Building In SEO Is very Important

It’s important to note that Google now focuses on the number of people that linked to a certain page instead of just analyzing its web content. The connection is the key. That’s why links are considered to be the foundation of Google’s algorithm.

Their integrity is measured through Google Penguin – a program that targets sites which are using shady content and spammy link building strategies.

What are the factors to consider when building a high-quality link?

High-quality links draw more traffic and page visitors to a website through the use of keywords. But it takes several factors to construct valid and reputable links. Below are the aspects you should consider:

Quality is really important in link building strategies
  • Use links from high-authority pages. You will know when a page has an increased authority when it’s packed with useful content (verified by SEOMoz PA), and when it does not have harmful links.
  • Mention sites with huge impacts such as and It would be less interesting to use links from an anonymous site compared to the top domains on the web.
  • Make sure everything is relevant to the linked site. Coherence and connection of ideas are key points to remember.
  • Consider the link’s appearance on the page. There are actually many positions that you can try, but it’s recommended to put your link in the main body of a webpage. Your link is more engaging when it is seen as a part of a story rather than looking like an annoying pop-up ad.
  • Use anchor text or the clickable text section of a link. This is widely used in most sites and is easier to build.
  • Examine the placement of your link. The link should be editorially-placed.

How to create content that generates first-class links?

If you want to generate first-class links, you need to put in extra work in your content.

Link building and content marketing are two integral schemes that contribute to the success of your webpage. Here are the best techniques that you should follow in creating powerful content:

Use visuals. Instead of sticking to text-based content, try using visuals. These include but are not limited to images, diagrams, infographics, and charts. Every time someone shares your image content, you get a link to that. And it obviously makes the whole process super easy.

Sometimes, it takes style to connect to the world. And the good thing about visual assets is that you will continually generate web traffic and earn quality links, even without asking for them.

Maximize original data: Content that uses statistics and data from first-hand research and surveys are highly-linkable. Giving out tips, techniques, methods, and strategies also work in maximizing the quality of your content.

Provide a complete guide: A comprehensive resource that contains go-to information is definitely valuable content. Providing a definitive guide will increase the credibility of your page and will generate millions of link shares in a quick span of time.

What are the top link building strategies?

Again, the current game plan of link building is quality over quantity. And links are not built instantly; It is a gradual process. Your strategies will then determine your ranking in the search engine results. How is it done? It needs consistency and dedication.

Here are top link building strategies to keep you productive in the digital market:

1. Utilize Resource Pages

Resource pages are pages linked to useful and amazing content about a given topic.

They are brilliant for link building since their sole purpose is for linking out. There are three things to consider when you do link building through resource page.

First is to use search strings in Google:

  • keyword + inurl:links
  • keyword + helpful resources
  • keyword + useful resources
  • keyword + useful links

Second is to consider the URL rating and authoritative domain of the resource page. Once you have found the ideal resource, send out personalized outreach script to the page owner.

But before sending out these scripts, assure that your content is the best fit for that resource page or else, your efforts would all be meaningless.

3. Work on Consistent Blogs

HubSpot has proven that constant blogging gets you more indexed pages, site visitors, and a large number of inbound links. Blogging is the most popular strategy that top marketers have been using for years.

Link Building in SEO : Consistently Post on your blog.

Old-fashioned as it may seem, but we cannot deny the fact that blogging, in all forms, still tickles the minds of our market. It is because of its personalized appeal to the audience, entertaining content, and worthy sharing of individual experiences.

Having guest posts on your page builds up a wide range of link sharing. And it is even made better when you are able to select partnerships from renowned influencers and bloggers.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a very useful tool in digital marketing. It is the lifeline of the millennial age. And it is also a very good platform in building links. Not only that you can post links as captions in your photos, but you can also put them in stories.

LInk Building in SEO
Be Active on Social Media to link building in SEO.

A real-life example is when social media influencers are promoting their new blog post; They add a “Swipe Up” button in their Instagram stories. The button will redirect you to the actual webpage.

Super easy, isn’t it? But you need to build an online reputation to enjoy the special linking features on Instagram. Not necessarily that your social account must be verified, but you need to have at least 10,000 followers, your account should be a business page (which can be changed in your Settings), and your Privacy should be in public.

Link sharing is also possible on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. For Facebook and Twitter, you simply have to put it in a text form. For Pinterest, you embed the links to the photos.

Each social media platform has its own distinctive and creative aspect; you just have to sort out your needs and be strongly visible online.

4. Reactivate Broken Links

The idea is to indirectly reactivate broken links from your competitor’s site. Find pages with lots of outbound links and check for broken links (install My Links or LinkMiner).

When the broken link is already revealed, email the page owner and let them know about the problem.

Automatically suggest your website as a replacement, and you now have a link without straight-up begging for it. Moreover, you added value to someone’s website and helped them reboot their links. It is, therefore, a mutual contribution between two parties which is honestly a good thing.

Broken link building is somewhat related to the strategy of copying and getting links from your competitors’ web pages. It is just a friendlier approach.


Backlinks are vital to a website’s survival, and knowing how to build high-quality links is a major strength that every top marketer should attain. Several skills shall be mastered, such as sales, programming, psychology, and good marketing.

We all have one vision in creating a webpage – increased visibility in the search engine results and active site engagers.

Apart from backlinks, there are other dynamics that compose a high-authority page. These involve great content writing, attractive web design, and user-friendly interface for computers and mobiles alike.

More importantly, social media links should be available on your website and vice versa in order to build a high profile. Having your webpage convertible into mobile applications is also a major plus and will get you more exposure. Overall, it’s all about creativity, authenticity, and accessibility.

Living in a world where technology is constantly speeding up requires us to evolve. It’s either we live with it, or we get left behind. But with all the tips that are shared in this definitive guide, you’ll surely become one of the top linkers and marketers in the digital world.


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