Web designer is designing better design so that it can help in SEO performance as well. How Web Design Affects SEO Performance

How Web Design Affects Search Engine Optimization Performance

The marketing game includes a lot of steps. One of them is web design, which can bring your online presence both up and down.

The reason for that is web design not being only about a page being attractive to the viewer’s eye – it serves to improve the user’s experience and makes it easier to navigate.

That’s why there are a couple of things that prove that web design affects SEO, so you should definitely consider them when optimizing your website.

How Website Design Affects SEO
Bunch of pencils to design Website UI

It’s about the first look

No matter how much effort you’ve put in creating powerful content, an average visitor will have an opinion about your website the moment the first page opens.

If your website design attracts the customers to continue using the website – they will have the chance to enjoy the high-quality content you offer. Of course, the quality of the content is a huge factor when it comes to SEO ranking.

However, there are some small steps before a visitor reaches the content – like web design, that affects SEO as well.

Characteristics of an attractive web design

If you want to make sure that your web design affects SEO positively, there are some elements you should definitely consider:

  1. Text readability – small fonts that are difficult to read are definitely something you should avoid. Even though some of them can be very interesting – remember that we are talking about large pieces of text that need to be read easily. Also, many fonts that you really like may lack formality, so they might not be suitable for the type of content you are publishing. Check out some of the bad fonts you should avoid when designing a website.
  2. Color of the letters – apart from the shape of the letters, their color also determines the visibility. The key is a good contrast between the background and the letters. If you are using a lighter background, be sure to choose a dark color for your fonts. A good contrast makes the letters more visible and therefore more attractive to users.
  3. Fewer pop-ups – Using too many pop-ups very often drives the visitor away from a website. Therefore, go steady with them, and choose a good timing.
  4. Minimalism is key – take a look at your website and check if there are too many items on a page. A minimalistic approach has become the best way to make the website more attractive and easier to navigate. The easiest way to clean up the pages is to check the SEO trends to expect in 2019 and see what you can let go of to make room for something new.

Easy navigation makes users come back

Another thing that an average user notices the moment they open the first page – how difficult/easy it is to navigate your website. Outdated websites are often taking lower positions on SEO rankings.

If a user finds it easy to find what they are looking for and they do it quickly – they will probably come back.

Images contribute to the way web design affects SEO

The usage of images can heavily impact the user’s experience, even though it may not seem like that at first. Since you need to find free images, sometimes, it can be tricky to sync your content with them.

However, you need to pay close attention and use the images in the best way to help your SEO. Here is some advice for good image SEO optimization:

  • It is important for images to be relevant to the content you create.
  • For fast loading, make sure to use images of smaller sizes – compress them so they appear quickly and catch the viewer’s eye. However, don’t overdo it – it is important to have good- quality images.
  • The captions and images themselves should reflect the topic you are writing about.
  • Be sure to add captions that are relevant, descriptive and rich with keywords.
  • Changing the file name can give more information to the search engine about the page content and therefore help your website’s SEO.
  • Alt tags need to be written for each image on a page – they should include the keyword and something about the image.
Multiple computers to get the best UI that can help SEO Efforts
Multiple Computers to test the Website Design

Integration of social media makes the website more visible online

As you already know, social media has become a great way to increase the popularity of certain products and companies.

Networks like Pinterest can help your business grow and can help you a lot in attracting more visitors.

Therefore, be sure to create profiles on important social networks and add them to the website. If your company’s name is present on many social media pages – it will be valued by the search engines.

Design language helps a lot

The modern design language is also one of the reasons why web design affects SEO. The latest design language like HTML 5 makes the website look more attractive and modern. It also helps the site to be easy to navigate.

Not sure how to do it?

If you are running a moving company, your website deserves to have a great design. Be sure to hire professionals to help you out.

Great web design solutions, SEO optimization, PPC and other great services will improve your website and help your business grow. Online presence should be taken seriously and serious companies should understand how web design affects SEO.

Better Web Design is must to get Better SeO Performance
To Get the SEO performance better we need to have great web design.

Web design affects the SEO. However, the content is important, too

Good web design is essential for a good SEO ranking. However, it should just be the introduction to the high-quality content you provide your clients with.

Good SEO content is characterized with unique text, the moderate use of keywords, a structure that is easy to follow and simple sentences that are easy to read.

Combining great design and quality content is the key to success when it comes to SEO ranking. Since web design affects SEO, you should use it in the best way possible so it can present your content effectively.


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