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Lead Nurturing with Marketing Automation- Inbound Marketing

We are going to learn about Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation, or we can say Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing. With the advent of innovative technology and marketing strategies, the old school conventional marketing methods are transformed into a modern approach to marketing. Using marketing automation for switching inbound marketing for the Lead nurturing machine can bring a new perspective to the marketing dimension.

Before discussing more Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation, first, take a look at the Importance of Inbound Marketing.

Importance of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a phenomenon that focuses on attracting consumers and leads through inbound means such as internet content.

The objective is to build awareness, outreach new marketplaces, and divert user's traffic to the company's site.

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Important of Inbound Marketing

When users reach the site and show some interest in the product and services, the next task is to convert them into sales.

Inbound marketing draws the attention of users and makes the company more accessible using tools so that it can be found quickly during a search.

It helps users to engage with the overall products and services offered by the company and its business practices

What Is Lead Nurturing Machine?

A lead nurturing(Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation) machine is a tool that helps marketers to get more sales from the users directed at the company's site during their searches and visits.

The marketers who have studied and practiced the latest methods of marketing emphasize on new dimensions to broaden the concept of reaching the end-user.

Leveraging the spectrum of SEO to surpass the competitors has become the primary objective of any company.

It can recommend the products and services according to the preference of the user. For instance, while reading an article about the benefits of hiking, the user clicked the link of the company; the Lead conversion machine will refer him to hiking equipment and shoes.

This approach maximizes the probability of converting a lead into sales.

Use Of Marketing Automation

The first and foremost benefit of using marketing automation is that it can drive leads round the clock 24/7.

It makes marketing much more natural and effortless without the need for any human intervention. In general, sales and marketing teamwork in business hours and can interact with visitors on their site only when they are online.

With the onset of marketing automation(Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing), it will work continuously without any supervision. It significantly increases the rate of the average lead generation.

Ways Of Utilizing Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing

Utilizing Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing expert Discussing Plan

Marketing automation emphasizes on potential leads as they provide more opportunities to drive more sales.

Following are some practical and effective ways to get this objective successfully providing the desired outcome.

1. Email Automation

Most beneficial aspects of marketing automation as it has considerable ROI (return on investment). For instance, if a company spends $10 on email automation, it can get ROI ranging around $400.

Email Automation
Marketing Automation using Email marketing

In comparison to other marketing aspects, it is relatively simple and easy to deploy. Thus, due to high ROI and ease, email automation is mostly used by all competitive businesses. Below mentioned points must be considered while practicing email automation.

  • To write personalized emails: the automated system itself will recommend topics based on customer's preferences.
  • To lineup emails: this helps in reaching numerous leads by lining up the emails in quick time and fewer efforts.
  • Customize delivery time: if a company has customers in other countries, it helps to schedule email according to geographic locations and time zones.
  • Reaching Inbox: the emails directly reach Inbox, instead of junk/spam folder

2. Lead Qualification

In general, 50% of leads received by any channel are not qualified enough to turn into sales. It is equally essential to segregate the high value leads from ineligible leads.

Marketing automation(Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing) helps to get potential leads through inbound marketing and converting them into successful sales. It separates inquiries, and website visitors from leads with urgency to buy the product or subscribe to the service.

The lead qualification will help to find the targeted demographics, which is most suited for introducing the company's profile. It assists in analyzing the information from inbound marketing or Lead Nurturing Inbound Marketing to know the preferences and interests of the user.

By collecting this data evaluation, marketing automation modifies inbound marketing into a lead conversion machine for expanding the business.

3. Blog Subscriptions

Blog Subscriptions Marketing Automation
Nurturing Lead through lead qualification.

The modern approach to getting more leads from inbound marketing. More businesses are heading towards updating their sites with regular and creative blogs to get more attention from the users.

According to statistics, the projection of readership of US bloggers will reach more than 31 million by 1. Besides, around 57% of marketers have stated that blogging was a critical aspect of earning customers.

These stats reflect the increasing trend and prospect which blogging holds for marketing. If you are blogger you must read link Building SEO Guide.

4. Targeted Conversion

“Inbound marketing is a great way to engage prospects regarding their inclination towards the company for its product and services,” says Mark Andrew, head of the research department at Crowd Writer.

Targeted conversion Automated Lead Nurturing
Targeted conversion using Marketing Automation.

Therefore the need for targeted conversion becomes more significant so that time and resources can be saved in getting the intended outcome. With new marketing strategies been introduced in the corporate world, businesses are more focused on targeted markets.

Marketing automation can play a pivotal role with lead conversion machine to limelight users who have more dispositions to increase conversion rates.

For instance, offering a discount voucher to a sportsperson on tracking suite will be more productive rather than providing him discounted home appliances.

This modern, in-depth marketing approach provides marketers with an effective way to reach more targeted users and market their products.

Last Comment

The concept of turning inbound marketing into lead generation machines with marketing automation is based on the working of many aspects interlinked together. It compiles information from various data points and adopts compound algorithms to recognize the quality of leads.

It can segregate and analyze the leads based on their potential, which can help marketers to emphasize more on high-value leads. So this is all about Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing or Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation.


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