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5 SEO Factor to Monitor in 2019

5 SEO factors to monitor in 2019, SEO factors to Monitor in 2019, SEO Factors in 2019

5 SEO Factor to Monitor in 2019

In 2018 Google had introduced many dramatic changes to how it ranks the sites. For example- google used Artificial Intelligence for approximately 30% of the search queries. The page contains irrelevant links does not always rank at the top of the page anymore. Here I mentioned some of the 5 factors that I believe will be important for 2019.

1. Become Familiar with Structured Data

Structured data can be intimidating but it’s actually very easy to become confidential with how it works. The easiest way to have it, just copy and paste it and start working on it.

Structured Data is very useful for having a better performance in Google by communicating information
about a website page, service or product. It seems difficult but it’s not.

5 SEO factors to monitor in 2019, SEO factors to Monitor in 2019, SEO Factors in 2019

2. Avoid Structured Data Mistakes

Now many of the sites are receiving penalties for the incorrect implementation of the structured data. It can be possible to perform a mistake and receive a penalty for it.

The five most common structured data mistakes to avoid:

  1. Using the most inappropriate structured data.
  2. The structured data shouldn’t match the on-page content.
  3. Violates Google’ guidelines for the specific data type.
  4. Violates the structured data for Google’s guidelines.
  5. Shortcuts and taking it liberties.

3. Consider Podcasts for Your Marketing Strategy

Podcasts are an increasing way to consume content popularly. You should take care of the investment if the consumers are listening to your podcasts related to your niche. And if they are reaching out then it makes sense to create a strategy about reaching back to those listeners.

A strategy can range from sponsorships, appearing on the podcasts, and by promoting the better and meaningful content that may of their interest. Podcasts are the content that is consumed in a digital format. Marketing with podcasts considers as an extension of content marketing.

4. Focused Content

This is the most important part of Internet Marketing in 2019. An unfocused content is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve been noticing all the year for the sites that have lost their ranking.

Search Engines have been minimizing the worth of keyword relevance signals for the ranking of the pages. It’s the fact that has been proved that keywords are no longer mandatory or necessary to be present in the title or heading tag in order to rank in the SERP.

To rank your page in SERP you have to choose a specialized professional SEO service team.

5. Improve Your Image SEO

Now images are the essential part of the websites as it creates your page more beautiful and pretty. Images are so important for SEO. Deal them with the same as you’re dealing with the title or heading tag because they all work together to help the page rank better. Images can easily boost your power of ranking by showing up in enhanced things.

Image SEO Best Practices

Use the image that tells the story of your product. Many readers believe in a deeper understanding of the concepts with the symbols and images that can illustrate their story. If your article is about the dogs, then show some cute photograph of the dogs to make you post more understandable and actual animal shelter.

Communicating your idea via images is one of the best methods to increase traffic on your article. As more article with images attracts the reader, the more they can show love towards it and will help others decide to read it.

Illustrate everything step by step with some screenshots and it will surely help readers to gain some knowledge from your article and Google tends to use these types of images in enhanced listings. A single image that can illustrate helps in the golden rankings.

All the Road

In addition to these factors for improving the SEO, you may wish to increase your focus on security as well. Keeping the software that underlies the website updated is so important. Use difficult passwords so, no one can easily guess it. Consider some of the plugins to make sure that they are regularly updates and performing well.

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