Easy Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks To Grow Business In 2020

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There are a thousand ways through which you can persuade a buyer to buy your product or services. But the one that plays the most important role in it is your digital marketing strategy. However, digital marketing trends tend to keep on changing based on customer requirements. For instance,  Top fmcg digital marketing, voice search, influencer marketing, etc are some of the well known digital marketing trends of the previous year. However, they might not be the some for the upcoming year and so here are the 7 Digital Marketing Tips and tricks to Grow Your business in 2020.

Influencer Marketing 

One of the most effective and fastest-growing marketing tactics of the previous was influencer marketing, and believe us influencer marketing will still be one of the most used and effective marketing strategies in the year to come. 

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is very popular way of marketing.

This is a simple marketing concept that encourages people to buy products, even more, when they see their favorite celebs or idols marketing or actually utilizing that product. Influencer marketing is widely used in collaboration with social media marketing. To be more precise influencer marketing is a part of social media marketing.

These social media influencers,  utilize the bond and trust their fans and followers have on them to market a specific product, though their social media accounts, which generally have a lot of audiences. 

Although as charming and attractive this marketing strategy seems, it needs a lot of hard work and pinpoint execution. So make sure that you have the right team and of course the right influencer for the job.

It is really important that your influencer marketing is relevant to your product and services. After all, you wouldn’t expect a football player to market some fast-food chain. So be careful with the influencer marketing. 

Looking at the statistics, we expect influencer marketing to grow exponentially in the year 2020. It might even reach its peak in the last 5 years.It will definitely benefit your business. 

Paid Advertisement – Google Ads, Facebook Ads 

Paid advertisements have a very variable trend as it keeps on changing. You cannot keep using the same strategy and tactics for a paid advertisement that you were using a year or even a few months ago.

So you need to make sure that, you update your marketing strategy according to the market requirement. Also, we would suggest going for the online paid advertisement, such as google ads, Facebook ads which are a lot more effective and can be customized easily, based on your needs. 

Personalization – Remarketing

Well a lot of websites such as Amazon, Flipkart offer personalization through various algorithms. These websites tend to show their users, the exact product that they were searching for, based on their previous searches and choices.

It is a great marketing strategy and can also be used for targeting the audience. Without a doubt, this will be one of the widely used strategies in the year 2020. 

Voice Search 

With the improvement in voice recognition technology, voice search is considered a potential way of interacting and searching the web. Many companies like Google ( Google Assistant ), Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa) have already introduced products based on this technology.

Digital marketing Tips and Tricks
Digital Marketing Tips – Voice really important to include into the marketing strategy.

So if your thinking of making a carrier in digital marketing then voice search is of utmost importance.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation, one of the pillars of digital marketing.

Well, there is no way SEO will ever be irrelevant to the digital marketing world. Competing to place at the top in search engine end result page (SERP), is something every digital marketer needs to do, in order to sustain their business. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

This is the new buzz word of the century and is relevant to almost every industry. The same goes for Top fmcg digital marketing. AI has already infiltrated this industry with an AI support system for content creation, customer service, email personalization, etc. 

Video Content 

Recent stats show that around 50 percent of the customers feel more attracted and confident in making a purchase decision after viewing a video marketing adds.

Video Content
Digital marketing tips – Video content gets the most engagement.

Video content is one the rise, and you need to make sure to properly utilize video content for better digital marketing. 

Final Words On Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

All of above digital marketing strategies have their own pros and cons so, you need to keep in mind that if one strategy is working for your competitors, it might not work for you. So try to experiment what works for you and what not. These digital marketing tips and tricks were short and concise to give you the brief. Feel free to comment below if you have any doubt. We will try to give you satisfactory answer.

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