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How To Have A Successful Dropshipping Business

How To Have A Successful Dropshipping Business

if you run an eCommerce site based on drop-shipping. You will probably be competing against many sites that sell the same products. In order to achieve high quality search traffic and be ready for conversion, your Dropshipping SEO strategy needs to be even more strategic than usual. But it works! To know how, we make a mental experiment and create a drop-shipping shop from the ground up, so we can develop SEO considerations every step of the way.

Choose a friendly idea with SEO:

Welcome to number one! This is the stage of the process “I want to start a drop-shipping eCommerce store and have no idea what to sell”. We have a lot of great tutorials on our blog that give you more detailed information about what you want to sell online. So if you really get stuck, you should start there. If you start researching and dive into information like this, you’ll probably read a lot of tips to tell you what’s hot, whether it’s Amazon, Etsy or Google.

This is a good approach and a great way to generate ideas, but when I think of myself as a dropshipping SEO specialist, I’m less interested in short-term market trends and more in products that show slow and sustained growth. In this way, we can build a sustainable organic strategy.

From the product to the niche:

Modern mid-century furniture is a great start, but is it enough for a niche to create an organic space? If you sold really unique or hard-to-find items, this could easily be the case. But we have to think a little more for our store. We do not sell products that people do not get anywhere else, so why do people come to our store?

How can you find us organically? Because they trust us as curators. People do not have time to search for the best of the best on the Internet, so they go to specialized e-commerce stores with the expectation that the merchant has acquired some experience in this area and has done the work.

We need a stronger niche, but that does not necessarily mean that we have to specify in a specific category, for example selling nothing other than mid-century modern coffee tables. Although we could! We were able to make a name for ourselves as experts for coffee tables and operate a small successful shop. Personally, I would be a little bored and it would be difficult for us to increase the sales of our customers or find regular buyers, because how many coffee tables do people really need? Therefore, I will reflect on the qualities that I like about the furniture I have chosen to see if there is another way in which we can reach a niche without restricting our product choices.

Above all, be unique:

Well, since we’re focused on friendship with SEO with a niche target group, here’s the right job. While our products are not unique, we can make it much harder for people to realize that by doing anything, but we can do unique things:

Unique keywords: Take note of the keyword searches we use to find our products. With this blue chair “mid-century furniture” was sought. So I’m looking for another search term for this product page, because although I can get into traffic for the “mid-century chair”, “As soon as my customers start shopping and go to AliExpress or another direct shipping site.

Unique photos: While I’m doing my keyword research and developing a list of great keywords on the site, I’m also waiting for the email. I have a lot of furniture from Jetsons that approach me. There are a variety of reasons why you should take test orders for each product you plan to ship, and one of the most important is that you can design your products to fit your brand and they take photos. Not only do you have more control over the lifestyle you want to convey with your brand, but you also have unique and beautiful images that can not be searched with the reverse image.

Descriptions of unique products: This is one of the most important organic considerations when running a drop shipping store. The worst thing you can do is copy and paste the manufacturer’s description. There is no chance of you overcoming the performance of the original website and, in the worst case scenario, completely lose the trust of Google. Another step is to rewrite the description so that it is technically unique, but also to describe the product.

Become the expert:

Even after our metadata and product descriptions are SEO-friendly, our content work has just begun. Remember, we want to be the experts in retro-tourism. That means we’re going to build a blog with fun information about retro-futurism, which includes the story, extravagant data, sneak reviews of old science fiction shows and more. With time and consistency, these publications are combined with the organic search of other fans of this era who may not even have realized that they need a blue chair in their lives until they discover our site through a disjointed search.

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