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Best Android Apps


There are tons of wants and ways that make way for Android phones becoming superior machines in against its main contender – iPhone. You can count all those extremely high-end specifications that Android handsets offer you right around $300 to $500 while the iPhone sets its bars at an extravagant $1000+ amid having the best services and security – dear Apple Inc.

you call this user-experience customer care in the name of pulling of surplus profits. No doubt, these fancy gadgets makers should learn some manners and methods by multifarious Companies like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, about how things are done for consumers without breaking their banks and backbones.

Furthermore, Androids have greater specs and app updating capacities than the basic boasted iPhones getting minor changes yet called for some sort of arena and thousands of audiences. On the other hand, Android phone makers are manufacturing handsets like they’re some bakery items yet fresh and hot with the latest modules and features respectively.

Of course, you can relate to those amazing dessert-decorated Android versions. Google’s best OS has gone to an extent, that even Blackberry makers have introduced some decent Android models as well, which are far better than American ridiculously elaborated iPhones.

Apart from everything upgraded to up-to-the-minute uniqueness of Android devices team-led by the Korean giant Samsung’s Galaxy Series comprising other resilient counterparts – Google, OnePlus, Huawei and other Chinese brands, HTC, Nokia, and others. You can enjoy some awesome mobile apps exclusively designed for Android users.


The very first app on our list is one of the finest in-built carriers for your overall smartphone presentations. A special mini-browser for giving you an excellent internet browsing experience. With Chromer you get the best Android familiarity, especially when it comes to internet surfing from your devices.

You will enjoy the Chrome Custom Tabs feature that allows you to browse the internet from within any app while having access to your browser’s history. Also, you’ll be having all your synced passwords from Google Chrome working directly from the apps you’re currently using.

Chromer also offers various ‘Webheads’ features and there are various customization options as well that gives you the advantage to make your browser lighter and swifter with customizable preferences.


Here’s a relic masterpiece out of all those artistic background applications offered on the Google Play Store. The remarkable Roman Nurik’s Muzei live wallpaper app embraces mesmerizing pieces of arts and lets you bring artistic visuals from real sceneries to life.

Muzei is a very flexible mobile wallpapers app that is exceedingly expandable all-around its extension system, which allows global art galleria creators to showcase their best photography skills to levels of panoramic vistas to inspirational chocolate-box editing.

All I could wish it had those Devil May Cry 5 videogame generated wallpapers as well, my bank would be totally sold for it!

Appy Pie

You can start exploring Muzei by those 500px photographic communities demonstrating the best visual treats you can enjoy on your smartphones. From a wide array of categories, you can look out for the freshest, trendy and popular images from the editor’s choice collection.

This app rejuvenates your minds as well as your Android experience to generous gifted-by-nature extents. Muzei is a standout when it comes to having that Play Store wallpaper app meant to flabbergast you with scenic splendors. Must have!


Exclusively for Android smartphones to upkeep them in the perfect coolest condition. This app lets you launch all those cleaners and reliefs helping you maintain your device. With Greenify you can let your device run smoothly and endure its excellent performance just as if you’ve just opened it from the box right now!

Greenify is the best Android mobile cleaner available on Play Store and has a lot of features that keeps your mobile in the best possible in-built specs ‘shape. Special aspects you get with it include the TitaniumBackup and definitely a decent battery-saver.

You don’t feel a single lag running UI or any app freezing due to multitasking, since Greenify closes your apps in the background. One of the best Android OS cleaning caretakers out there!

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