9 Bad SEO Strategies You Should Forget In 2018

As we head into 2018, it’s time to say goodbye to some of the SEO practices of the old years. These are SEO tactics that no longer work, or even worse, can get your site penalized. Follow along with the article below to understand 9 bad SEO habits that you should not adopt in 2018.

9 Bad SEO Strategies Must Stop Immediately

9 Bad SEO Strategies You Need to Change Immediately

#1 Create an article for each keyword

With keyword search is quite easy with support tools like keywordtool.io, keyword.io or using Google Keywords tool. However, creating an article for each keyword is not necessary, it only causes duplicate content and or the article is too vague and confusing. Instead, we can SEO multiple keywords at once.

#2 Poor quality link building

The link is a public endorsement and reflects that a website has valuable information. Google gives a lot of weight to links to be seen as a ranking signal. However, if a site has a lot of unnatural, low-quality links or is obtained from other spam tactics, Google will keep an eye on it and warn you. In 2018, Google will try to perfect the algorithm and mercilessly penalize those who are abusing backlinks. Therefore, try to build quality links for the website to get good reviews and high rankings.

#3 Add content for SEO purposes only

You can’t do SEO without content. SEO and content must be combined. You need content to optimize for Google search. Without thorough content optimization, searchers will not find your article. Therefore, content for SEO is indispensable, but there is still an issue that is whether the content is beneficial to users, do they need that information, not write articles or not. . Google’s algorithm is increasingly sophisticated, so when you read your articles, you will immediately know if the article is counterproductive or not. Quit this immediately, because it is absolutely not good for SEO.

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#4 Don’t fix harmful technical problems for the web

After testing many SEO techniques, I can confidently tell you that most of the bad websites have some issues that affect the search performance of their clients. Creating more content and attracting links is great. However, if your site suffers from fundamental technical problems, keyword rankings can still suffer severely.
Common problems that you need to optimize are:

  • Incorrect redirects (e.g. redirect chain, 302 instead of 301, not using redirects…)
  • Slow page load time.
  • Error displayed on mobile.
  • Lots of duplicate content.
  • Unintentionally blocked pages.

#5 Skip the image optimization

One of the SEO opportunities that many people often overlook is image optimization. As SEO experts, we need to take advantage of every opportunity to get our articles to show up in Google search results including optimizing for image search.

When adding an image to your post, don’t forget to add the image filename and alt attribute. Instead of the filename of your image being ABC123.jpg, consider including a keyword that describes the image, such as chien-luoc-seo-xau.jpg. For the alt attribute of the image, no keyword stuffing is required, but the image should be properly described. If the image matches the topic of the article that it should have, then it would be natural to have a keyword in the description.

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#6 Too many links between your sites

I’m talking about this because not only do I get questions about it when I talk about it during SEO seminars or when we do SEO training, but I’ve also heard from a number of people recently that Make suggestions for links to appear between your web pages as it will help you to achieve higher rankings. That advice is incorrect.
Having too many links between your sites for the purpose of increasing your internal backlinks is likely to hurt you more than it will help you improve rankings. It’s an outdated SEO technique.

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#7 Trying to “cheat” Google’s rules

“Good” SEO means you are in the business of profitable rankings, not mining the search engines. Although, it is important to know what Google promotes and focuses on these areas, not what those areas will be exploited. That doesn’t work for long.

Usually, it’s only a matter of time until your site is damaged (penalized by Google) by those tactics.

Example: After AMP was implemented, some websites started creating intro pages using AMP technology. These sites will only display a piece of content and then direct the user to click on the original page. This is fooling search engines

#8 Focus on keyword ranking as the primary measure of success

Track location, site history and now voice search…you’ll find that keyword rankings don’t always give us a real picture of how we’re doing. People will use many queries looking for a product or needing an answer. I’m not saying you should ignore keyword rankings, but what I’m saying is that you have to start digging deeper into the data.

  • What type of transaction are you getting?
  • What is conversion?
  • Are people also attracted to your website?

These are the questions that you should answer

#9 Practice SEO the same old way

In fact, if you’re reading this article, you’ll probably realize you’ve probably kept up with the changes in SEO. Not regularly updating on best practices, changing algorithms and webmaster guidelines is very detrimental to SEO success. One habit that you should make in 2018 is to spend more time (even daily) learning about the latest SEO. You can read industry blogs, follow experts on Twitter, attend webinars, and go to conferences, so you know what’s happening in search. You should change your mindset, don’t apply outdated techniques, just waste your time and effort. Let’s explore new issues and be more user-oriented.

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