7 important factors determining the success of SEO 2019

Medic Update – August 2018 – This update is aimed at removing websites in the medical and financial sectors that have no authority, no expertise, and no industry validation signals (these factors are closely related to services these websites provide).

*Solution: provide authoritative, expert and verified content according to EAT . criteria

Fred – March 2018: this update is targeting low value content sites that put revenue above their users.

*Solution: Provide in-depth content that delivers value to users.

Penguin 2016 – The Penguin algorithm tries to remove from search results those sites with unnatural link profiles, deliberately buying, selling, exchanging links to get high rankings.

*Solution: Stop buying, selling, exchanging links back and forth and do not build links to untrusted sites. Encourage building links to reputable sites, in the same field.

Mobilegeddon – 2015- This algorithm update is intended to penalize websites with a design that is not mobile-friendly in order to provide a better user experience.

* Solution: Design standard responsive web interface, optimize page load speed, friendly with mobile devices.

Panda – 2011 – this update penalizes aggregators that often steal content from other sites to generate large numbers of pages for the sole purpose of ranking.

*Solution: create useful quality and unique content!

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