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Reasons to Add Videos to Your Website, Why video in 2019, Why video Marketing is better

Video has become a leading trend in this fast world. And, why not? Since ever, people have been having an affinity towards information but in this fast world, they wish to get everything either on demand or in a very quick way. Video, here, comes as something that can fulfill both of these requirements. Yes, videos can provide you with sufficient information on-the-go in a pretty accessible...

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By any chance, if your site doesn't appear on the primary page of Search Engine Result Pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo, your potential buyers probably won't realize you exist. Better internet search engine permeability can be basic to boosting visits to your site, which can prompt expanded brand mindfulness and higher deals and benefits. In any case, imagine a scenario in which you do not...

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on industries, Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Impact of AI

Artificial Intelligence is redefining industries by offering personalization, automating processes, and disrupting how we work. In modern times, AI is embraced by every industry from healthcare to government. Here are the 11 industries wherever Artificial Intelligence has made a disruption. Agriculture The most popular applications of AI in agriculture range from robotics to crop and soil monitoring to predictive analytics. Agriculture majors are developing autonomous robots programmed...

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5 SEO factors to monitor in 2019, SEO factors to Monitor in 2019, SEO Factors in 2019

In 2018 Google had introduced many dramatic changes to how it ranks the sites. For example- google used Artificial Intelligence for approximately 30% of the search queries. The page contains irrelevant links does not always rank at the top of the page anymore. Here I mentioned some of the 5 factors that I believe will be important for 2019. 1. Become Familiar with Structured Data Structured data...

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