10 Affiliate Marketing Ways That Will Turn Your Blog Into a Money Machine

If you want to earn extra money without thinking too much or you want to grow your blog so that you can quit your day job, here are 10 affiliate marketing ways that will turn your blog into a money machine really.

1. Building Loyal Communities.

By choosing the right products and services to sell on your blog, you’ve built the trust of your readers. Your audience is used to the idea of ​​taking your advice and buying the product you recommend.

As we mentioned earlier, your relationship with your audience is the most important asset you can have as an affiliate. While your content will draw people to your site, your community will make them stay.

Well, it’s important to reiterate: As an affiliate blogger, you must invest effort and time in building trust with your audience and cultivating a helpful community of like-minded individuals. .

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2. Optimize your conversion rate.

Joining affiliate marketing will force you to check the conversion rate on your blog. Let’s say you’re promoting a specific product through affiliate links on a landing page. If you currently get 1,000 visits/month with a 3% conversion rate, you have 30 referrals.

To get 60 referrals, you must get 1,000 more visitors to your page by blogging, SEO efforts, paid traffic or Social media marketing. Or you can simply increase your conversion rate to 6%.

Which sounds easier to you? Instead of spending all your time and effort getting new traffic, you can simply optimize the traffic you already have.

Your conversion rate optimization (CRO) can include testing your call to action, testing your copy, tweaking your UX, color scheme, and page layout to maximize impact.

By doing some simple A/B tests and optimizing your landing pages, you’ll get results faster with less work.

3. Discover new products.

As an affiliate marketing blogger, you will develop an eye for new products and services to hit the market in your niche. Whether it’s on the recommendation of an affiliate program or a fellow blogger, new products emerge that make your life better (and you can share that with your audience). Check out these affiliate programs if you are looking for good affiliate products:

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4. Build relationships with Merchants.

Sellers want affiliates to promote their products, and they most likely have several different commission rates based on how much traffic the affiliate generates and your existing relationship with them.

After you join a seller’s affiliate program and have a few sales, contact their program manager and set up a quick introductory meeting.

During this meeting, let the seller know how much you enjoy promoting their products, ask them about their highest converting landing pages, and see what commission you can expect to receive for advertising. they are more on its website.

This simple conversation can lead to increased commissions, resulting in double the revenue from every sale you make to them.

Building a real relationship with a seller is a quick way to improve your blog’s sales funnel, understand the product you’re promoting better, earn more money per sale (and even get some products for free).

5. Stay on top of emerging trends and brands.

As an active blogger, you will be among the first to see emerging brands in your niche. When you are one of the first affiliate bloggers behind a brand (which matches your personal guidelines and that you actually use), you become a trusted voice on the product. or service.

When you use proper SEO terms, you will also gain traction with Google, which will benefit Unique content. By blogging about emerging brands, you don’t have to compete with many content-driven sites, improving SERP rankings for your target keywords.

6. Receive Guest blog.

Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are likely to see a positive ROI 13 times higher, but those blogging efforts don’t have to come from you. As you build your trust with your readers, you have the opportunity to partner with guest bloggers.

The good news is that most bloggers are either eager for Guest Blogging or asking you to post on their site. Curata says 57% of business bloggers outsource blog posts from guest- or contributed posts.

Use your available resources to bring change to your readers and make connections with other affiliate bloggers.

7. Promote Products You Don’t Need To Create.

It’s much easier to promote an already existing product than it is to create something from scratch, educate consumers, and launch a marketing campaign. By using an affiliate program, you avoid the hassles of product development, launch, and inventory.

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Your focus should be on the product or service that’s right for you — can’t find storage for the latest gadget you’ve created or are trying to code an update for a software tool.

No cost of goods, no shipping and no costs means you can give your customers instant access to what they want.

Over time, you can work on your own information product or online course to offer to your readers, but affiliate marketing is a revenue stream that can make an immediate impact. doesn’t need too much effort.

8. Increase Brand Awareness.

While you are promoting certain products through affiliate marketing, you are also exposing your blog to a larger target audience. With the additional traffic generated through Google searches for the affiliate product, your personal brand awareness will increase.

By building brand awareness, you can also increase your market share. Building an audience through brand awareness is more valuable than direct sales to over 70% of brand managers. Your audience is starting to recognize you as a searcher for information they can use in your particular niche.

Whether it’s a product review, a life hack, or the best way to post on social media, your audience will grow in size because your brand is getting a few blog visitors. your see.

9. Start a Podcast.

Affiliate marketing revenue can be used to invest in other online business ventures. Managing multiple blogs has several benefits. Your first blog can be an experiment that may not work perfectly—a completely natural part of trial and error. The second (or third) blog can be the culmination of all that you’ve learned from your first efforts.

While the second blog calls for a unique niche and voice (otherwise why?), it expands your reach to different target audiences. Expanding to multiple blogs also allows you to keep your first blog “pure” about crossovers that don’t fit your audience or goals.

You can also get income from your affiliate and start a podcast Take the content from your blog and repackage it into an audio format. The initial amount can be used for audio equipment and marketing your new show.

Instead of promoting outside of your niche, you’ve now learned enough ways to create a new foundation for your message.

10. Monetize your email subscribers.

Position yourself as an expert in your niche and promoting products (like the best hosting plans for bloggers) through affiliate programs means that readers depend on you for regular email updates with valuable information.

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They’ll want to know about the new products you’re using (like the hottest travel backpacks on the market this year if you’re a travel blogger or teaching people how to approach the work of travel), think Think about certain brands if you’re an influencer in your space — and read your reviews so they can make more informed decisions.

By incorporating email subscriptions in blog posts in your website pop-ups, sidebars and on the homepage, you can grow your email marketing database. Once users have signed up for your email list, treat your email list like a CRM.

You can send an automated welcome series that will guide the user on a specific journey, with the ultimate goal of making money.

First welcome email Your blog should thank the reader for signing up, discuss their specific pain point (and how you perceive it yourself), and develop a story around solving the problem.

After you have developed a relationship, other emails may include Affiliate links, which will quickly and efficiently monetize your emails, without the need for your own information product or online course — although in the end you have can expand into selling its own white-labeled products for also increasing profits.

Profits from email marketing are well worth the time spent. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

So don’t limit your affiliate marketing to just blog content, you can use newsletters and emails to keep interacting with your readers and make even more money.

Affiliate marketing is one of the absolute best ways to make money online (or in other words make money blogging), but to succeed and build yourself as an authority in your niche, You must create valuable content and build relationships with your audience.

Monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing can help grow your reach while generating a lucrative and regular revenue stream.

I hope that by using some of these affiliate marketing tips, you will get a little closer to realizing your dreams. Whether it’s generating passive income and traveling the world, making some cash so you can spend more time with your family, or just getting your message across to the world.

Congratulations on your success!


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