7 Essential Steps To Take In SEO to Surpass your Competitors

We can recall the time when marketers from all over the world used to hate
the idea of SEO.

I mean, why not?

Back then, marketers used to work really hard depending on single keywords to rank high up in the SERPs. But usually, things change the flow and all their work used to go in vain.

But in today’s date, SEO has become something that can help businesses stay ahead of their competitors in this constant race.

And to keep up with this race, marketers need to keep a constant check on
their website and keep an eye on how your SEO competitors are taking care of their job.

Content Creation Should Be the Bull’s Eye

There’s an acronym in digital marketing. We call it, “ABC”. It reminds marketers of “Always Be Closing”. But, what it should actually remind marketers of is “Always Be Creating”.

Whether you are working with any section of digital marketing, you should always keep in mind that the main moto of your strategy should always be luring new visitors.

And to do that, what really matters is the content, the amount and the quality. If you keep on uploading fresh content, and not the copied stuff to your website, then definitely you are on the right track.

High-quality original content can help you get high up ranks in the Search Engine Result Pages. So, if you are planning to surpass your competitors with your content, you need to create original content.

Keyword Targeting Strategies Need to Be Planned Carefully

After getting ranked on the top of the Search Engine Result Pages, if you think that keywords don’t matter anymore, then let me tell you that you’re in grave danger.

Being a content creator, what you need to keep an eye on are your target keywords. You need to keep track of the recent searches and the newer keywords that are relevant to your topic.

Check for the keywords that are the most effective right now and that are yielding the highest amount of traffic. Try to imply them in your created content. They will definitely help you to rank high up.

Get Free Content Ideas from Your Competitors

You can’t be super creative every day.

Yes, that’s a fact. You can’t just wield out the best ideas around the market and keep creating top ranking content every single day.

At the end, you’re a human. You do need help.

Here is the time that can make you understand the importance of the existence of your competitors. The presence of your competitor directly refers to the constant flow of new content ideas.

Yes, that’s true.

But there’s a twist. Showing up on your competitors’ website just to get hands on their blogs and copying them afterwards won’t make a difference.

What you need to do here is, keep an eye on their content strategy and implying it just blending it with your own strategy.

In this way, you can just put up content that hasn’t yet been a part of their
blogs yet, in this way you’ll just simply be able to keep up with your competitors and keep your feet strong in this market.

Opportunities are everywhere. All you need to do is keeping your eyes and
ears open.

Keep Up with The SEO news

SEO is such a field where you need to jump to newer techniques to stay ahead of your competitors. Yes, it is a very unpredictable field. Which means, no one can predict what’s gonna happen next. So, if you can stay alert of what’s upcoming and what can make a difference, you can definitely make a call.

This will help you get a strong grip on your position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

What you need to do here is keeping your SEO strategy aligned with the upcoming trends.

Go through websites like Search Engine Land or Search Engine Watch. Here you’ll stay updated with the recent techniques and tricks that can help you stay out of the box and ahead from your other competitors.

SEO news is definitely an inevitable part of your job if you want to see your
content in the top of the SERPs.

Keep an Eye On the Backlink Profiles of Your Competitors

Usually, the best SEO techniques are not publicized easily. Yes, that’s a fact.

Top notch marketers usually combine a few marketing strategies to create a win assuring strategy. Yes, that’s the way that you need to follow. But how can you understand which techniques to combine?

Well, I can’t tell you the exact ingredient techniques but I can definitely help you in getting a good grip on the subject.

So, moving ahead, what you need to do here is, keep an eye on your competitor’s backlink profiles. Yes, monitoring backlinks is definitely important to prevent their negative effects on SEO. But what I am suggesting you do is check for the changes your competitors are making in building the backlinks.

Mirror Backlinks

Yes, as you can already understand from my previous point, backlinking is
definitely an unavoidable part of a successful SEO strategy.

But, there are other ways as well. You can just simply target high-quality link sources.

There are several tools out there that can help you in this job. For instance, you can just use the Open Site Explorer from Moz. This tool will help you
understand which are the other sites that your competitors are linking to.

So, as you now know that exactly which link of your competitors did rank in the topmost position, you can just create a similar link or just mirror their link. Or you can even just bend your SEO strategy and adjust it with your newly included step.

Though if you think that directly copying the link of your competitor would do some good, you might end up being wrong. Though, what you can do is just creating your own campaign that works similar to those of your top-ranked competitors. Trust me, that would work even better.

Keep Track of Your Competitor’s On-Site SEO Activities

On-site SEO activities are also deciding part of any SEO strategy. And if you take a closer look at your competitor’s SEO strategy, you’ll definitely find it there. so, to stay ahead, you definitely need to keep track of what your competitors are doing with their on-page SEO.

Or, they might have faced a penalty from Google for some reason and are working to get things right.

So, as you can already understand how you need to act on both the cases. You can learn from them in both possible ways. But what you need to focus mostly on is the way they craft their titles, how they optimize their target keywords and their several other SEO activities.


So, what do you learn from here?

Firstly, whenever you come to know that one of your competitors is talking about SEO techniques. Do not shiver out of fear. It is fine. SEO is an unpredictable space and anything can take place.

All you need to do is keep calm and watch out for them to implement it in
their strategy. Now if you find it convincing enough, you can just simply implement it to your strategy as well.

Or what else? Just let it be.

I hope this article has helped you enough in making your job easier. If you still have any sort of queries, just simply give us a call.

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